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10 reasons to get a solid security gate for home or business

Security for your home and business is non-negotiable, and solid security gates are an essential component in creating a safe and secure environment. Solid security gates are welded to maximise strength and rigidity, which helps to prevent forced entry. Let’s take a look at some other reasons why you should get a solid security gate for your home or business. 

10 reasons to get a solid security gate

1) They’re another layer of security

Security gates, quite simply, increase security. They’re not the only means of securing your property and people, but they add another layer of security, and each layer of security improves feelings of safety and reduces criminal activity.

2) They offer access control

To prevent any unwanted visitors, it makes sense to be in control of who gains access to your home or business property. Putting a gate in place puts the power in your hands, as you can then decide who you allow in.

3) They’re physical barriers

This may seem obvious, but a solid security gate provides a physical barrier between the people you want to protect and criminals. It makes it much harder for intruders to get into a property or area.

4) They’re a deterrent

Security gates are clearly visible to criminals. Most criminals won’t waste their time trying to break into a property with security gates. They do not want to get caught red handed whilst struggling to open the gate.

5) They prevent vandalism

Having a gate in place doesn’t only protect your home and business from burglaries, but also from vandals whose aim may not be to steal or harm, but to destroy.

6) They’re easy to operate

Security gates are a simple, yet very effective, security tool. Sometimes alarm or camera systems can be overly complicated, and people then avoid using them. Security gates just need to be locked. Some even offer keyless locking systems, so that a person can quickly lock the gate without having to fumble around with keys.

7) They’re cost-effective

When it comes to security options, gates are one of the most cost-effective solutions in comparison to the likes of alarm systems and security guards. Once a gate is installed, there are no regular upkeep expenses.

8) They’re an investment

Installing security gates will add value to your property and increase its appeal – no matter what type of security gates you decide to install.

9) They’ll reduce your insurance costs

Insurance companies always charge more if there are little to no security measures in place. You will certainly be able to negotiate a better insurance deal once you have installed solid security gates.

10) They’re easy to install

Solid security gates can usually be easily installed in any doorway or passageway without having to prepare or change anything in the structure before installation.

If you’d like to install a security gate or two, get in touch with us. Our King Swing security gate is as solid as they come.

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