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3 good reasons to get a door awning

A fixed door awning provides cover over a door into a property. But is it really necessary? Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should consider getting one (or more) for your home or business. 

3 good reasons to get a door awning

1. Protect comers and goers from the elements

Visitors don’t like waiting in the blistering sun or pouring rain for someone to open the door for them. And nobody enjoys getting drenched in the rain whilst trying to lock the door on the way out. The number one reason for getting a door awning is to protect comers and goers from the elements. It is ideal for entrances where there is a limited overhang and where people need additional shelter. 

2. Protect your door from the elements

A door awning is actually a great way to preserve your door, as it protects the door from the sun’s harsh UV rays, which can cause fading and deterioration. It is an especially good idea for timber doors as it also protects against rainwater damage and decay.

3. Add architectural appeal

Most modern fixed door awnings are designed to aesthetically complement or even enhance the architectural design of a property. It can certainly be considered a functional and attractive property investment. 

At King Brands, we offer two types of fixed door awnings:

  • Fascia’d

These door awnings are custom designed to create uniformity with our adjustable louvre awnings and fixed elegant awnings. We use zincalume panels and electroplated mild steel, which is then powder coated in the desired colour and finished off with our three-tiered fascia system.

  • PolyLite

This range is created to enhance architectural lines and allow for maximum light exposure.  These awnings have UV-stabilised PVC frames (that can be extended to any width) and UV- filtering polycarbonate sheets.

Don’t get stuck in the rain! Give our team a call if you’d like to get a quote on a door awning for your home or business.

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