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About King Brands


King Brands is managed and directed by two brothers, Keith and Gary, who are passionate about building a family-run business that makes a difference in people’s homes. We not only want to ensure families are protected, but that people can make the most out of the space they have.

King Brands has strong roots in the community around us. Through our “ikageng” values, we believe we can achieve “improved quality by working together as a team”. Ikageng is a Setswana word that invokes confidence, self-discipline and expressiveness.

We support our community by employing a majority of our staff from the local community and we have an accredited training programme in place to ensure we are constantly upskilling our staff team.


King Brands is a proudly South African company

Crafting metal into meaning

King Brands is a respected proudly South African specialist metal manufacturer of King Trellis security, All Seasons sun control and Dura Racking storage solutions with over two decades of manufacturing and engineering experience.

From garage to kingdom

Our story began in 1999. We were a sole proprietor trading as CKG Solutions with engineering as our core focus. Our operations began in our founder’s parents’ 36m² double garage. However, it soon became apparent that our engineering operation was not to the neighbours’ liking. This led us to lease a 100m² factory in the industrial suburb of Alrode in 2000.

Protecting what’s important

During this time, our offices experienced a robbery. The assailants compromised what we thought were the most robust and dynamic security barriers on the market with minimal effort. Along with the poor customer service we experienced with the supplier, we were inspired to develop our own range of security barriers.

In 2000, our first retractable barrier was manufactured and installed. In 2003, we officially launched the King Trellis brand of security barriers. We acquired land in Lanseria during this period and broke ground to begin building our new manufacturing facility, which officially became our home in 2004.

Weathering all seasons

In 2007, we converted from a sole proprietor to a closed corporation, and the King Trellis name was cemented into history. As a company, we kept building the King Trellis brand, ensuring that we never lost focus on our engineering background. This led us to expand our national footprint in 2009 and develop our King Trellis brand resellers network with branches throughout South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and USA. During this time, we launched All Seasons, a range of sun control systems, which has now become a significant competitor in the sun control industry.

Continuous expansion

We continued developing our engineering specialties, and in 2014 we developed a light-duty long-span shelving (mini racking) product from an extrusion we utilise in our King Trellis product range. As with the sun control systems, the response from customers was overwhelming. In 2015, the decision was made to import an automated system to produce a full range of storage solution products, which led to the formation of Dura Racking. Realising that our current manufacturing facility would not accommodate our new automated machines, we hastily broke ground and expanded our facilities into a 3000m² large-scale manufacturing facility.

Throughout this exponential expansion, we have ensured that we have kept our grounding in tool and die making, mechanical and industrial engineering to ensure that we are continuously improving our processes and keeping current with technological advances within the manufacturing industry. This includes two powder coating lines and a fully functional toolroom to ensure our tooling and product quality are maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

Future vision

In 2020, as the world went into lockdown, the company was fortunate to utilise the downtime to reflect on what we had achieved since its birth and to develop a strategy for the next 21 years. This led to the King Brands brand conceptualisation, which entailed aligning our brands, centralising our internal system to ensure they align with our manufacturing processes, and ultimately creating a manufacturing powerhouse. Our slogan, “Congruency Through Manufacturing”, confirms how we have harnessed our engineering capabilities to enhance our competitive edge in the market.

We remain focussed on developing our engineering expertise and we hope to launch new products in the near future that meet our clients’ needs. We remain committed to providing quality products and service and building on our proven track record. Maintaining trust and credibility in our brands is fundamental to us.

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