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Door Awnings

Ultimate functionality and style

Fixed door awnings and window canopies for spaces with limited overhangs.

No one gets soaked or scorched under our exterior entrance awnings.

Window and door canopies that offer all-weather protection.

King Brands is a proudly South African company

Our functional fixed door awnings are manufactured to aesthetically complement our louvre awning ranges. They not only offer coverage, but also reduce the negative effects of UV light and rainwater on doorways and windows. A fixed door awning is perfect for entrances with a limited overhang where one needs additional shelter to unlock doors in wet weather. By creating more of an overhang, fixed door awnings allow one to keep UV rays off exterior doors and openings. This also protects interior carpets, furniture and paintwork. The overhang also provides more shelter from the rain and protects your architectural openings, which is especially important for timber or steel doors and windows. Whether you are looking for conformity or something contemporary, our awnings provide you with boundless options – for domestic and commercial use.

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Added climate protection

Added shelter at entrances with a limited overhang when unlocking doors in wet weather.

Sun protection

Keeps UV rays off exterior timber doors and openings and provides protection for interior carpets, furniture and paint work.

Water control

Provides more shelter from the rain and protects architectural openings, such as timber/steel doors and windows.

Aesthetically pleasing

Whether you are looking for conformity or contemporary, our range provides it.

We offer two types of awnings for added shelter at entrances with limited overhangs:

Fascia’d door awnings

Our Fascia’d awnings are custom manufactured and aesthetically designed to complement and create uniformity with the louvre and elegant awning ranges. The Fascia’d awning utilises zincalume panels and electroplated mild steel. It is then powder coated for a flawless finish and completed with our customary three-tiered fascia system.

PolyLite door awnings

Our PolyLite range is manufactured to enhance the crisp architectural lines of most structures. The PolyLite awning allows maximum light exposure with the aid of UV filtering polycarbonate sheets. The UV-stabilised PVC frames can be extended to any width, whilst having a projection length (overhang) of 970 mm. We offer four polycarbonate colours tints: clear, bronze, white and grey. The PolyLite door awnings come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

We provide a variety of door covers and window awnings to suit every budget.

Not sure what type of awning you need for your doors and windows?

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