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Get the most out of your storage space

Have a place for everything with our home storage and organisation products.

Garage racking

Metal shelving

Storage hook systems

Dura Racking garage and home hooks, shelves and storage accessories.

Our storage hooks and metal shelves are perfect for residential and light industrial storage needs.

King Brands is a proudly South African company

Dura Racking offers extensive commercial and industrial storage solutions, including industrial shelving, hook systems and mezzanine floors, which can be tailored to fit your unique needs or warehouse specifications. We can help you kit out your warehouse, sort out your office storage and organise your shop. Contact us for a custom space optimisation solution.

Garage or light racking to help you optimise the space you have.

The D60 racking range is the ideal storage solution for residential and domestic application. It was designed to cater to all storage applications. Our automated manufacturing and powder coating plant allows us to cater to high volumes while maintaining the expected high quality. The D-Series range is ideal for space optimisation – no matter the height, width, depth, and load capacity. It is the perfect solution for domestic and light-duty applications such as domestic garages or storerooms.
Our racking solutions include:

Garage shelving for garages, offices, kitchen, pantries, storerooms, sheds, bedrooms and all rooms in the home.

The Dura Racking shelving range is designed mainly for light-duty applications. It is ideal for space optimisation of bulkier yet light items. Our easy-to-adjust system allows for hassle-free height adjustment to suit your application needs. They are perfect for residential applications such as garages, pantries, home offices and bedrooms, to name a few.

Our shelving solutions include:

Wall hooks for homes and garages.

The cost-effective Dura Racking range of storage hooks is the ideal organisational system for creating a tidy environment. Residential and domestic applications include organising your family’s bicycles and sports equipment or utilising them in your garage for ladders, tools, and garden equipment. They can even be used in a classroom environment for school bags. Designed as a DIY product that can be purchased right here on our website or at several retail and ecommerce outlets, the options are endless and can be built to suit your needs.

Our storage hook solutions include:

We offer a range of custom garage and home storage options.

Not sure about home and garage organisation?

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