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Garage and Home Shelving

Off the floor and on a shelf

Our fully functional and totally trendy home shelving is the perfect storage and organisation solution. 

King-Brands DIY heavy-duty shelf boltless closeup
King-Brands DIY heavy-duty shelf boltless closeup

Have a shelf for everything.

Our custom and DIY shelves are ideal for residential and light industrial storage needs.

King Brands is a proudly South African company

The Dura Racking garage and home shelving range is designed mainly for light-duty applications. It is ideal for space optimisation of bulkier yet light items. Our easy-to-adjust system allows for hassle-free height adjustment to suit your unique application needs. They are perfect for residential applications such as garages, pantries, home offices and bedrooms, to name a few. If you have all your “stuff” in storage containers or filed away, you need a place to put everything that still allows for easy access. Installing home shelving is the idea solution to organise your home. 

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Our shelving range is manufactured from galvanised steel and comes with levels that hold a wooden MDF deck (galvanised steel decking also available on request). This is a fast-moving and durable product range, so we have a dedicated production line in our manufacturing plant.

Custom metal shelving for home storage.

Our high-quality shelving solutions include:

We offer a range of DIY and custom garage and home shelving options.

Not sure what shelving you need?

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