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Garage shelving and hooks (to sort out the mess)

As time goes by, things pile up… usually in the garage where we tend to put things “out of the way”. However, the problem with this is that the garage soon becomes a mess. If there is a lot of “stuff” lying around in your garage, so much so that you can no longer park your car in the garage, you may be tempted to just transfer everything to a storage facility. Before you do that, why not consider giving your garage a makeover with some great garage shelving and hooks? Let’s take a look at these two garage storage solutions.

Garage storage solutions: shelving and hooks

1. Get garage shelving

Getting items organised into plastic or cardboard boxes (that are clearly labelled) is the first step you need to take to sort out your garage mess. Then, getting everything off the floor and onto shelves is an effective and inexpensive way to use the height of your garage to store things neatly away. When items are organised and on shelves it makes them easily accessible. There are a number of garage shelving options available to meet every budget, including:

  • Light industrial racking
  • Longspan shelving (also known as mini racking)
  • Boltless shelving
  • Bolted shelving  (also known as meccano shelving)
  • Floating shelving (e.g. above the height of your car)
  • Ceiling storage (i.e. shelving attached to the garage ceiling)
  • Corner shelving – if there are awkward corner spaces then why not add some corner storage shelves?
  • Shelving under stairs – perhaps your garage has stairs leading up to your home and there is space underneath them to put some shelving. 

2. Get garage hooks

There will always be some random items that can’t easily be shelved. Using a track and hook storage solution is a perfect for items like towels, bags, hats, jackets, bicycles, tools, equipment, surfboards and so much more. There are a number of different hook options to cater for all needs, including:

  • Vertical bike hooks
  • Flat bike hooks
  • Utility hooks (short, long and round)
  • Single hooks (pinkie, cup, short and long)

Using a combination of garage shelves and garage hooks will help you reinvent your garage (or any store room or storage unit) and optimise the space you have. Shop our DIY options online now or call us to discuss a custom storage solution for your unique space. 

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