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How to prepare for a year-end warehouse stocktake

For a lot of businesses, the end of February is also the end of the financial year. This is when it is important to conduct a year-end warehouse stocktake, which can be an incredibly daunting thought for anyone involved. The good news is that there are a few things that you can do to prepare for the task. Let’s take a look at three things you can do before you even start your stocktake. 

3 key things you can do to prepare for a year-end warehouse stocktake

1. Move out what can be moved out

It’s hard to stay focussed on counting the right stock items quickly when there are other non-stock items creating confusion. The best thing to do before a stocktake is to move out what can be moved out. 

  • Get rid of all damaged boxes and stationery, or that which is no longer of use in the warehouse.
  • Ensure all stock items that have been paid for are delivered right away.
  • Separate and move out (if possible) any stock items that will not be counted in the upcoming stocktake. 
  • Start identifying and setting aside any faulty, broken or unsellable items.

2. Call for all hands on deck

There is no denying that a stocktake is a big task and it requires as many people to assist with it, in some way or another. Many hands make light work. Communicate with your staff team when the stocktake will happen and what they can do beforehand to help. Nobody will want to spend hours counting products when they can be doing something else, so list some things they can do right away to make the process go quicker:

  • Fold and store away any empty boxes, crates and other stock storage containers that are not currently being used.
  • Neatly organise all packaging stationery like tape, bubblewrap, labels and markers in the warehouse office on a shelf or on hooks.
  • Dust and/or wipe down all shelves, boxes and stock items – it is not fun to count dusty or dirty stock.
  • Put stock items where they are supposed to be – through the year, stock can end up all over the warehouse.

3. Get ready

It’s easier to do a stocktake in an organised warehouse where stock items are easy to find, accessible and stored together in the right place. It is also better when everyone involved understands what they need to do in the stocktaking process. Here are some things you can do to get the warehouse and staff ready:

  • Make sure the labelling on your warehouse racking and shelving is clear.
  • Ensure all stocksheets are finalised and saved (for digital access) or printed.
  • Have enough scanners (if required), calculators, pens (that work) and other necessary stationery items available.
  • Order food and drinks for stocktakers – hangry or parched stock counters are not efficient.
  • Distribute a thorough stocktaking brief and talk through it with all stocktakers, so that everyone understands exactly what is expected of them. 

And if your stocktake is a little haphazard then don’t wait until the next stocktake to organise your warehouse stock. Chat with us about our commercial and industrial storage solutions, which include racking, shelving, mezzanine floors, storage hook systems and more.

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