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Increase restaurant capacity, while keeping COVID compliant, with a louvre awning

Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, clubhouses and the like have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. It has now become important for restaurants to comply with capacity regulations, as well as cater for people’s preference for open, well-ventilated spaces. Lockdowns have made people desperate to get out of their homes and enjoy safe, outdoor places in different environments. Whilst protocols dictate decreased capacity to reduce transmission, it is possible to increase restaurant capacity by investing in a louvre awning to make effective use of your outdoor area. This will allow you to seat and serve more customers – the lifeblood of your business.

Whilst adjustable louvre awnings work out slightly more expensive than umbrellas, the advantages are numerous.

The long-term benefits of a louvre awning to increase restaurant capacity

  • They allow for extra tables to be more permanently set up in a covered patio or terrace near the indoor seating area of your restaurant, bar, coffee shop or clubhouse. You do not have to pack away tables and chairs on a daily basis.
  • They afford you the opportunity of increasing your restaurant’s capacity without the cost of having to rent additional space.
  • They create extra space outside, which means that customers have a lot more room to effectively practise social distancing. It’s a great solution for kitchen teas, birthdays, baby showers and other special occasions.
  • They create a cool space to enjoy the outdoors. Golf courses traditionally have plenty of land available for outdoor seating but after a sweaty round of golf, no one wants to sit in the hot sun. Umbrellas only partially solve this problem. Louvre awnings create a wide, consistent cool area to enjoy a 19th-hole drink than what umbrellas can offer.

Golf course

  • They are more durable and long-lasting than umbrellas. There is no denying that umbrellas wear and tear easily.
  • Opening and closing the louvres on an awning is very simple, and it does not need to be taken down and put away at the end of the day like umbrellas do. This will save you a lot of time.
  • They provide constant shade and sun protection. With umbrellas, you need to keep moving them around to ensure the sun stays off your customers.
  • With a louvre awning you can have a golf prize giving ceremony without having to shuffle everyone around.
  • They offer broader protection from light rain. The louvres can quickly be closed when the first few raindrops are felt. This is a great solution for couples who would like to get married outside at your venue, but are concerned about rain. Even on overcast days, your outdoor area is part of your floor space. You need not be worried about the rain, as a mixture of fixed elegant and louvred awnings can be used to keep some areas completely watertight.
  • With the fear of COVID infection, confined, air-conditioned spaces are not attractive, so a venue with fresh air and sunshine is a major drawcard. Louvre awnings offer fantastic ventilation. When the louvres are open, it allows for airflow through a covered space, reducing the risk of COVID infection.

COVID compliance

  • They provide protection for restaurant furniture, which makes it last longer. You can also invest in architectural facades and sun screens to help protect your restaurant furniture from the elements. Facades and screens also help to create a more sheltered, private and aesthetically pleasing space for customers.

South African summers deserve to be enjoyed – come rain or shine. With a louvre awning solution, you can offer customers a safe, outdoor space to take full advantage. Investing in a louvre awning will not only increase restaurant capacity, but it will help keep your venue COVID compliant. Fill in the form below or contact us for a free quote today.

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