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Cottage Pane and Horizontal Burglar Bars

No burglar can squeeze through these bars

Choose the best fit for each unique window from our range of impenetrable metal burglar bars. 

Burglar proof every window with the best in security.

Customised window security for your unique home and business requirements.

King Brands is a proudly South African company

The King Cottage burglar bar range includes our modular cottage pane system and horizontal welded burglar bars, which are designed as an alternative to the King Fix range – they are custom manufactured for all window openings where trellis security bars are not suitable.

Our burglar bars are not only secure, but also neat and aesthetically pleasing. They are custom manufactured to your requirements and then finished off with your choice of four epoxy powder coated colours for a flawless finish.

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Different product styles for domestic, commercial or industrial use


Lines up with cottage pane windows or spaced evenly to cover full pane windows


Custom manufactured in our state of the art welding facility before installation


Neat, secure and customised with a flawless finish

Our cottage pane burglar bars are customised on site to ensure the best fit.

These window bars are designed to line up with cottage panes.

The King Cottage burglar bar range is versatile and is often selected for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. It is ideal for cottage pane windows and securing either the full or opening of a window. The cottage pane burglar bars are customised on-site to ensure they are aligned with your cottage pane window, whilst the horizontal bar is custom manufactured in our state-of-the-art welding facility before installation.


Strong metal bars that are secure and attractive.

Ideal window protection for homes, townhouses, estates, complexes and business parks.

The King Cottage burglar bar range is designed to complement and line up with wooden cottage pane windows or spaced evenly to cover larger full pane windows where a cottage pane or horizontal bar effect is desired. The horizontal bar system is ideal for securing window openings and is extremely popular in townhouse complexes where opportunistic crime is common.

We offer a range of custom burglar bar options.

Not sure what burglar bars you need?

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