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Static Burglar Bars and Security Barriers

No one gets in when King Fix is fixed in place

Custom-manufactured security barriers ideal for windows or other areas where access needs to be restricted.

The best cost-effective security solution.

King Fix static security barriers are made to match.

King Brands is a proudly South African company

The King Fix static burglar bar and security barrier range is a non-retractable metal barrier designed to aesthetically complement King Trellis security gates, but without compromising on security. Like the King Trellis expandable range, each King Fix burglar guard is secured on all sides within a top and bottom galvanised track system. This robust system makes use of our single upright design to ensure there are no leverage points. Keeping what you value safe drives us to stick to strict internal quality codes to ensure we deliver the best product at the best possible price.

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Different product styles for domestic, commercial or industrial use​


Secured on all sides within a top and bottom galvanised track system


Single upright design to ensure there are no leverage points


Unique flight shapes and epoxy colours with a flawless finish


Product options to suit every budget and security need

Masterfully manufactured burglar bars and barriers.

Choose how you want your security to look.

The versatile King Fix burglar bar and static security barrier range is masterfully manufactured for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, and has a product style to suit your specific needs. You can choose from our unique “X”, “O” or “A” flight shapes, which are then finished off with your choice of five epoxy powder coated colours for a flawless finish.


Window security must-have.

Burglar proof your home and business.

King Fix metal burglar bars cannot be overlooked as the need to secure one’s windows is vital. It is a proven fact that most household burglaries without excessive force happen through an unprotected window opening and are often opportunistic and non-confrontational. 

We offer a range of custom static barriers and burglar bar options.

Not sure what crime-prevention security you need?

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