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How to secure your home when you’re away on holiday

Holidays are a time to relax – not to worry about whether or not your property is safe when you’re not around. There are quite a few things that you can do to secure your home when you’re away on holiday – some are quick fix options, whilst others may require a bit more investment and planning, but are so worth the protection and peace of mind they offer. Let’s look at the to-do list before you pack your holiday bags.

7 quick fixes to secure your home

  1. Make sure someone is at home – or make it seem like someone is. If you do not use the services of a house sitter then create the illusion that there is someone staying on the property, for example, ensure there is at least one car parked outside, leave the curtains open, set alarms to turn lights and the radio or TV on at certain times (or make use of smart technology if you can). 
  2. Remove tell-tale signs that you’re away. Before you leave, bring all your washing off the line, cut the grass low, do some garden trimming and make sure you have a plan to avoid wilting pot plants. 
  3. Don’t let the whole world know that you are going away on holiday. It is wise to let a few trusted neighbours/friends know so that they can keep an eye on your property for you and let you know if there is any suspicious activity. It is not wise to tell everyone, share it widely on social media and make a big show of packing for the trip. 
  4. Cancel, postpone or redirect any deliveries or post while you are away. If there are deliveries left outside your gate and your postbox is overflowing with mail then it’s a dead giveaway that there’s no one home. 
  5. Remove hiding places. Prune any shrubs or trees that could be used as a hiding place for intruders, and make sure you have enough light on any dark areas around your property. This may mean replacing lights that no longer work, installing additional lights (e.g. motion sensor lights) and reporting any broken streetlights to your local municipality.
  6. Don’t help intruders out. Put ladders and tools away that could be used to burgle your home, and check fences, walls and gates for holes or weak spots. 
  7. Highlight the security. If you have an alarm, security cameras, a security company and a guard dog then be sure to let any chancers know that your property is protected by using signage.

5 worthwhile investments to keep your home safe

  1. If you’re going away, it’s a good idea to consider additional layers of security for your property. Perhaps it’s necessary to add a solid security gate or a retractable gate at your front door or in the passage. Perhaps there are a few windows that don’t yet have burglar bars. Chat to our team if you want to up your security.
  2. Get an alarm system, and then check it. Before you go anywhere, invest in an alarm system, even a basic alarm system is better than having none. Then test that your alarm is working and make sure you understand the process if your alarm does go off. It’s especially important to ensure it’s connected to a security company who can respond promptly to any invasions. Don’t forget to give them a heads up that you will be away, and request that they keep a closer look on things for you. An alarm system that can be operated from your smartphone or laptop while you’re away is a great way to keep tabs on things.
  3. Lights, camera, action. If possible, try to include motion sensor lights and CCTV cameras in your security plan to help you keep an eye on things while you’re away. If you already have cameras set up, don’t forget to check that they’re working and correctly positioned before heading off. 
  4. Lock all your valuables away and out of sight in a secure safe. There are a variety of options, which makes it easy to find a safe that suits the space you have and the level of security you want. 
  5. Even if you do have a lock-up-and-go home, it is still worthwhile to hire a house sitter to stay on the property while you are away, or pay someone to pop in and check on things at regular intervals. If you have pets that need to be looked after then you’ll either need to take them with you on your holiday, pay a house sitter to stay with them or send them to a reputable kennel or cattery. 

Once you’ve ticked off these items, you’re good to go. Enjoy your holiday knowing that you have done what you can to secure your home and valuables. 

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