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Some space optimisation tips for your home

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything it’s the importance of optimising the space we have. It’s not ideal if our space is cluttered and messy. We all know the benefits of an organised space – stress relief, saving time, saving money and increased productivity to mention a few. Take a look at this helpful list of space optimisation tips. If you focus on one per month then you will certainly be closer to a fully optimised space over the next year.

12 space optimisation tips for your home

1. Downsize your furniture

Perhaps there are a few big furniture items like storage units that are just taking up space or could be smaller. Take stock of what you have and consider getting rid of some bigger furniture items or replacing them with smaller versions. Maybe you have a bulky office desk or chair in your home office that could be downsized. Perhaps you have a big old-school couch that could be downsized.

2. Use underutilised spaceoverhead hanging rack

We usually have more space than we realise; it’s just that sometimes it isn’t used to its full potential. Maybe you have storage items like drawers, shelves and boxes that haven’t been sorted and packed properly. Perhaps you haven’t considered adding hooks to your walls on which to hang items. Alternatively, and this is a great tip, why not put up an overhead hanging rack close to your ceiling? This would work especially well in garages where you can store things away in big boxes. We can assist with hook systems and overhead hanging racks.

3. Hang storage hooks

Storage hooks come in all shapes and sizes, on which you can hang things of all shapes and sizes. Diverse-use, high-quality hook systems are able to carry items of all weights and sizes from bicycles to garden and power tools and much more. Hooks systems are a quick, cost-effective system solution for untidy environments and allow items to be lifted off the floor for ease of access and cleaning. 

storage hooks power tools storage hooks bicycles

4. Share the space

bunk bedSharing is caring, and also optimising. Maybe you and your husband could share a home office desk if you work at different times and maybe your kids would love the idea of sharing a bunk bed. 


5. Increase light and airflow

The more natural light and healthy airflow in a space, the better. This will contribute to a clutter-free, open feeling that promotes organisation and clarity. So, make sure shelving and other storage options don’t cover windows and don’t stack too much onto window sills. 

6. Try subdividing

If you have a really big space then it might be fun to create smaller rooms or spaces by using drywalling. Alternatively, room dividers help to create smaller separate spaces in a large space. 

7. Add shelving and racking

Shelving and racking are always great solutions for storing bulkier yet light items in garages, bedrooms, pantries and… anywhere, really.

loft/mezzanine level8. Add a loft/mezzanine level

If you have a space with high ceilings then you may want to look into building a loft or adding a mezzanine floor to the space. This is usually done to allow for extra storage space. Mezzanine floors are designed to optimise the working floor space by utilising the working height of a building in a cost-effective way. You can essentially double your floor space.

9. Organise offsite storage

If there are things in your space that you don’t need immediate access to then an offsite storage facility (even if it’s your parent’s garage) is a fantastic way to free up some room. There are a variety of options available these days. You need only decide if the cost (if any) and administration of keeping items off site works for you.

10. Give it away

We often collect things unknowingly and unnecessarily. If you need more space then it might be time to give away some of the things that have been taking up space. Go through the things in your space and, if you haven’t used it in a while, consider giving it away.

11. Design the space

The best space optimisation tip is to spend some time thinking about and designing the space. Ask yourself where the furniture will work best, what storage solutions will make the most sense, where other items will fit and what you can do to make the most out of the space.

shelving and hooks

12. Use secret storage

If you’re going to use a coffee table, why not use a kist that you can use for storage and a table? If you’re going to use If you’re going to use an ottoman, why not use one that can open so you can stash a few things in? If you’ve got some space under the bed, why not consider adding a storage drawer? It’s all about using the space that you have optimally.

The advantages of space optimisation that you can enjoy far outweigh the effort of applying some of these tips. If you’d like to receive expert guidance get in touch with one of our King Brands Dura Racking specialists who will assist you with complete space optimisations solutions for all of your spaces. Or, if you prefer to do things yourself then shop our DIY storage solution products now.

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