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Using “invisible security” to secure your property

Securing your property is, unfortunately, a necessity. However, security doesn’t always look pretty. Nor does it fit in with the architectural or interior design of a property. Bulky burglar bars, heavy gates, large locks and burly security guards can make one feel as if their property is a jail. Perhaps you would prefer to maintain the exterior and interior beauty of their property. Let’s explore some “invisible security” options that could help you achieve this. 

4 “invisible security” options

1. Security barriers

The great advantage of retractable security barriers is that they’re there when you need them and gone when you don’t. Visitors won’t even notice they’re there. And even when they are needed, there are unique flight shape options and epoxy colours to choose from to make them match your property.

Good trellis security gates are robust, durable and secure, yet light and easy to operate. They also have deadlock slamlock functionality, which means they automatically lock when they are slammed shut. This removes the need for big locks. 

2. Burglar bars

Transparent burglar bars are manufactured from a UV-resistant flexible polycarbonate material that is then secured with a unique fastening system to ensure strength. These clear burglar bars are unobtrusive, yet functional. It’s no wonder they’re becoming more popular as people seek security without it hampering the view.

For those that prefer traditional metal burglar bars, there is an option to get customised
horizontal or cottage pane burglar bars that are neatly and perfectly aligned with your window panes. They can also be epoxy powder coated to match your window panes and achieve a flawless finish.

3. Cameras and beams

Strategically placing small cameras all around your property will help you monitor things. Setting up security beams, that trigger an alarm when crossed, also helps you keep different areas of your property secure. Both of these “invisible” security options reduce the need to have patrolling security guards.

4. Access control

Technologically advanced access control systems have made it a lot easier to manage who comes onto your property. They also reduce the need for security personnel to stand guard 24/7 around your property. In addition, electric fencing around the perimeter of your poetry is a good idea – although not completely invisible, it is a lot less prison-like in appearance than barbed wire.

If the idea of “invisible security” appeals to you,
contact our team to arrange a property site visit with one of our representatives. We’d love to get you started with some “invisible” barriers and burglar bars.

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