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Why get window awnings for your home or business?

You have probably seen many awnings on restaurant and retail storefront windows, but they’re also a great practical solution for homes and offices. A window awning, essentially the same idea as a fixed door awning, is an external fixture above a window that functions as a covering to keep excessive sun and water (or ice) away. Just as there are some good reasons to get a door awning, so too are there good reasons to invest in window awnings for your home or business.

4 good reasons to invest in window awnings

1. Exterior aesthetic

Window (and door) awnings can add a certain architectural appeal to your home or business. When made beautifully, colour matched correctly and erected by professionals, window awnings can certainly enhance the exterior aesthetic of any building. Depending on the type of awning you choose (fascia’d or PolyLite awning), you can create a specific modern, Victorian, Tuscan or farmhouse exterior style.

2. Energy efficiency

Practically speaking, window awnings can contribute to the energy efficiency of your home or business. In summer, your windows get a lot of sunshine, and the glass and frames retain heaps of heat. Having some shade over your windows reduces the UV rays and heat that your building is exposed to, which means less reliance on your air conditioner to keep things cool. In winter, awnings can protect your windows from cold draughts that sneak in.

3. Protect furniture, flooring and fancy things (equipment)

Awnings are an effective way of reducing the damaging effects of UV rays on furniture, flooring and fancy things, for example, expensive equipment in a business setting. When exposed to sunlight on a consistent basis, fabric, floors and other materials like wood, plastic and rubber can fade and deteriorate over time. Window awnings can cast much-needed shade over the window to help prevent damage. 

4. Rain and hail cover

Rain and hail can damage your windows, especially window frames that are made of wood and other materials that are affected by moisture over time. Window awnings can help to deter rain and hail away from windows to protect and preserve them. Another advantage of having a window awning is that you can keep your windows open, even when there is summer rain, without the worry of rain coming in through the windows. 

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