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10 clever Christmas decoration storage ideas

‘Tis the season to pack away the Christmas tree and decorations (if you haven’t done so already). It can be one of those tasks on the to-do list that keeps getting pushed out – simply because it can be overwhelming and time-consuming. But don’t leave the Christmas tree up all year! Here are some clever Christmas decoration storage ideas to help make the task a little easier.

10 clever Christmas decoration storage ideas

1. Use cups

Make your own decor storage bin by gluing plastic or paper cups into a storage box, which you can then use to store Christmas decorations in individual compartments. If necessary, you can also wrap the decorations in newspaper or tissue paper before storing them.

2. Use egg boxes

Rather than throwing away your empty egg boxes, keep them to store some of your Christmas decorations. Egg boxes are especially great for Christmas baubles as they usually fit in perfectly and protect them from breaking.

3. Use takeaway drink trays

Next time you grab some coffees for yourself and some friends, keep the takeaway trays. In the same way as egg boxes, they are great Christmas decorations holders and can store more awkward shaped items. Alternatively, you can use them to store your Christmas lights by wrapping them around the tray (or you can just use a piece of cardboard for this).

4. Use small traffic cones

Another clever way to store Christmas lights is to wrap them around small traffic cones.

5. Use bags

Stuffing tinsel strands into clear bags is a quick and easy to separate and store them. You can either put one strand per bag or separate them into different colours.

6. Use plastic bottles

Instead of throwing away clear Coke or water bottles, wash them out and store garland strings in them. This helps to prevent them from getting knotted and tangled.

7. Use clear storage boxes

The best way to store anything, especially Christmas decor, is in transparent or clear storage boxes, so that you can easily see what is inside the box. That way, things don’t get put away and forgotten about. To make it even easier to find things, label all of the boxes clearly.

8. Use overhead shelving

Once you’ve sorted and packed away all your Christmas decorations in clear storage boxes, a great place to store them is in your garage with overhead shelving. Christmas trees and decorations can take up a lot of space, so it is great to be able to stash it away for the year. Overhead garage shelving is a custom solution we offer at King Brands. Give us a call to get a quote. 

9. Hooks

For all the Christmas decorations that don’t fit into your storage boxes, and can easily be hung up, use storage hooks. Things that can be hung up include Christmas wreaths, tinsel, lights and more. Purchase some storage hooks online now. If you’re worried about the decor getting dusty then you can just wrap the items up in a plastic bag. 

10. Use suit bags

If you happen to have any clear garment or suit bags hanging around that aren’t being used then you can use them to store a range of things, including Christmas table cloths, wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbon and more. Once you’ve packed your bag then hang it on a storage hook until next year.

Which one of these Christmas decoration storage ideas are you going to try?

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