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Protect your kingdom

Since 1999, King Trellis has been installing retractable and solid gates, burglar bars and other security barriers.

King Trellis

Retractable security gates

King Fix

Static security
king swing work done

King Swing

Solid security

King Cottage

Cottage pane and horizontal burglar bars
king clear work done

King Clear

burglar bars

King Trellis security gates

Corrosion preventative manufacturing process with a UV-stabilised epoxy powder coated finish and a ten-year factory warranty on workmanship.

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King Brands is a proudly South African company

Launched in 1999, the King Trellis security gate and barrier range aims to protect people and secure homes and businesses. Although best known for its retractable security gates and barriers, we are also respected for our King Fix static security barriers and burglar bars, King Swing solid security gates, King Cottage window burglar bars and King Clear transparent, polycarbonate burglar bars.

Looking for a custom security solution for your home or business?

King Brands is a proudly South African company

As much as we are proudly South African, we also acknowledge that high crime statistics burden our country. South Africa is the ultimate testing ground, making it all the more essential for us to ensure our security barriers, security gates and burglar bars are engineered to withstand any invasion attempts. For over two decades, our security products have been fine-tuned to meet the specific needs of South Africans who want to feel safe in their home and business environments and who want to protect their property and assets.

We are proud of the thorough processes we follow to produce quality security products at affordable prices – ensuring that cost is not a barrier to your security. From residential to industrial, King Trellis products are expertly engineered and installed to give you complete peace of mind. Get in touch with us to find out more about our custom-manufactured security gates and solutions. We have agents located throughout Southern Africa.

Choose King Trellis to protect your kingdom.

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