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3 ways to give your property a new look

The start of a new year is a great time to give yourself a new look – perhaps a haircut, a trendy outfit or a fresh coat of nail polish. Maybe you’d like to give your property a new look, but you may assume it would be too costly and require too much effort. Let’s take a look at three fantastic ways to do so without breaking the bank or your back.

3 ways to give your property a new look

1. Facades and features

A great way to add a modern architectural appeal to your home or business property is to add architectural facades or sunscreens. These visually enhancing structures are designed to be aesthetically pleasing by creating a contemporary and consistent look – without having to do any major building projects. They not only look good, but also offer climate control by preventing the harsh sun from entering rooms, which reduces heat generation, air cooling costs and damage to carpets and furniture from UV rays. Facades and sunscreens also offer privacy and access restriction for visual discretion or noise reduction.

Other features that  can be added to your property to make it look new include: 

  • A new kitchen appliance – maybe a bright red one
  • A new centrepiece bowl for your dining room table
  • A new tablecloth or outdoor rug for your outdoor entertainment area
  • A new feature artwork in your entrance hall will give your property a new look

2. Paint and plants

Just like nail polish, a fresh coat of paint on the walls is refreshing, especially if the walls are looking dirty, dreary and downright dismal. The bolder the colour, the more striking the new look will be – it’s a good thing to step outside of your comfort zone every now and then. If it doesn’t turn out well then you can just paint over it again.

Adding some new indoor plants is a wonderful way to give your property a new look. Plants will bring colour and freshness to your space, not to mention oxygen. And most of them are relatively easy to keep alive, even if you don’t have green fingers.

3. Lighting and landscaping

Photographers and videographers will tell you that lighting changes everything, and can completely change the look of things. Why not refresh your home by adding a new light in your main entertainment area or kitchen? Or maybe it is as simple as lighting some new candles in your living spaces – which certainly isn’t a bad idea if there is load shedding.

You can also do some DIY landscaping in your garden and outdoor areas to bring a new look to your property. Plant some new shrubs, succulents or flowers or add a water fountain or carve out a simple walkway with some pavers and stones.

Giving your property a new look is just as fun as giving yourself a new look. It really doesn’t have to cost too much or require too much effort. What are you going to do to your property?

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