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4 key warehouse storage solutions to implement

Warehouses can quickly become disorganised if there isn’t a working storage system in place. Without designated places to store products and items, they are inevitably left anywhere there is space. But finding this space gets harder and harder. There are a few different warehouse storage solutions that can be implemented to ensure space is optimised and things stay organised.

4 key warehouse storage solutions

1) Racking

Industrial racking systems are typically metal structures that are designed to store items in a warehouse. There are different types of racking systems for every warehouse operating need, but their main aim is to optimise the available warehouse space and promote smooth and effective warehouse operations.

The type of racking system you need depends on a few things, including the size of your warehouse (floor space and height), the size and weight of your pallets/stock items and your budget. The main advantage of racking is that it is flexible and can be adjusted to fit your specific warehouse requirements. Racking capitalises on vertical space, but must comply with guidelines and be strategically organised.

The most common type of racking is adjustable pallet racking (also known as standard duty racking and selective storage) that mechanically stores pallets using forklifts, which is perfect for warehouses. There is also heavy duty racking, light industrial racking, mini racking (also known as longspan shelving), cantilever racking, live storage (FILO and FIFO), drive-in racking and narrow aisle racking.

2) Shelving

Shelving is traditionally better suited for stock that is lighter, frequently replenished and organised manually. Shelving is usually used without using any elevation or handling equipment. Although a manual picking solution, shelving can be used in conjunction with racking systems and is best suited for administration and packing areas.

For larger and perhaps slightly heavier stock items, longspan shelving can be used, which is also known as mini racking. Longspan shelving is versatile and great for the manual storage of small to medium sized items because it allows for quick and easy access to stock.

Generally, shelving is easy to put together and assemble, and highly customisable to suit any storage needs.

3) Mezzanine floors

A mezzanine floor is a second floor or platform that is constructed above the primary warehouse floor, which effectively utilises the height of a warehouse to create additional storage space. There are many benefits to using mezzanine flooring as a warehouse storage solution, so if the layout of your warehouse (and your budget) allows for it then it’s certainly an option to explore. Although the upfront cost may be high, having the extra space without paying more rent will certainly pay off. In recent years, mezzanine flooring advancements

Mezzanine flooring technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, with a whole variety of custom designs on offer.

4) Storage hook systems

Storage hooks are a cost-effective organisational system to help create and maintain a tidy warehouse environment. Storage hook product options include utility hooks (short, long and round), single hooks (pinkie, cup, short and long), specialist hooks (vertical and flat bicycle hooks) and more. You can easily find a hook system that works for your items and integrates perfectly with your other warehouse storage solutions.

Which one of these key warehouse storage solutions are you going to implement? Or do you plan on implementing a combination of these options? Check out our commercial and industrial storage solutions. And if you need assistance to get the most out of the warehouse space that you have, get in touch with our team. Warehouse storage systems are constantly evolving so it’s always best to get an expert opinion. What is most important is selecting a storage solution that suits your specific warehouse needs. It should also be dynamic enough to grow as your business expands. We’d love to help you find the best solution.

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