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5 advantages of a carport installation

Owning a car is a significant expense in South Africa, so it makes sense to protect it. Installing a carport, otherwise known as a fixed elegant awning, is one of the most cost-effective solutions for doing so, as well as one of the best alternatives to a garage. Here are five amazing advantages of a carport installation that are worth considering when it comes to keeping your car safe.

5 advantages of a carport installation

1. It keeps your car protected from the elements

The main reason a carport is important is because it will protect your car from the sun, rain, hail and frost that is common of South African weather. A car that is exposed to too much sunlight – something we have A LOT of in our country – will definitely damage the paintwork, as well as the seats and interior of a car. Too much rain can cause excess moisture (particularly if you forget to close a window) and rust issues. If your car is under a carport, you also won’t need to worry when your insurance company sends hail storm warnings requesting you to move your car under cover. Here are some more tips on how to protect your car (or boat) during summer

In winter, a car that is left out in the open may get covered in frost overnight, which can negatively affect a car’s battery. And during dry autumn or winter days, cars that are not under cover can get covered in leaves and dust.

2. It adds value to your property

A professional carport installation is an investment. A quality fixed elegant awning will certainly add value to your home or business property. It is not a cheap and nasty solution – like shade netting – that will look terrible. If done well, it is an elegant addition to your property. 

3. It's a multifunctional space

Depending on where you erect a fixed elegant awning, it can be used as more than just a carport. You can protect boats, caravans, trailers and bikes. It also has the potential to be used as a storage area or as a covered entertainment area. Other fixed elegant awnings are ideal for walkways, patios and courtyards. 

4. It’s easy and energy-efficient

Unlike a garage, you simply have to drive into a carport without having to open and close a garage door. In fact, many people end up parking their cars outside their garages if they are going in and out during the day, which leaves their cars unprotected for most of the day. Not relying on electricity to open and close garage doors or turn lights on and off in the garage also makes it an energy-efficient solution.

5. It's customisable

A great advantage of carports is that they are fully customisable, which means you can design them to complement your unique property. A well-designed fixed elegant awning should look as if it is a seamless part of your home or business. Superior installers should be able to exactly match the colour of the carport to your home. In addition, you can choose chromadek IBR sheets or opaque polycarbonate sheets that allow a diffused light to filter in without forming hotspots – a perfect solution if you’re concerned about a carport casting shade on adjoining rooms.

Get in touch with the King Brand’s All Seasons team today to get a quote on a carport installation that suits your specific needs. 

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