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5 industrial warehouse pallet racking tips

Industrial warehouses, big and small, can be found across South Africa. Many of which make use of a pallet racking system. If you have, or are considering, a pallet racking system in your industrial warehouse then it would be good to note these five pallet racking tips to operate optimally and safely.

5 industrial warehouse pallet racking tips

1. Invest in high quality racking

When trying to save on costs, it can be easy to go with the cheapest warehouse racking provider you can find. However, that could cost you a lot more in the long run. It’s best to use a reputable, trusted commercial and industrial warehouse racking supplier who can provide you with a high-quality, custom solution.

2. Plan properly

Ideally, before you even put anything into your warehouse space, you should plan your warehouse layout. Your aisles should be wide enough for people and forklift operators to safely navigate around your warehouse. You might be tempted to cram as much stock in as possible, but that could result in occupational health and safety issues, and it could also end up damaging stock. It’s just not worth it to adopt a “shove it in” approach, as it will cost time and money. Planning properly is certainly the better long-term solution for optimal operation.

3. Don’t overload

Similarly, once your warehouse racking is installed, don’t overburden the pallet racks by trying to squeeze in as much stock as possible. This is not safe and can compromise the structure and stability of the warehouse racking system. It is wise to know and print out load limit signage that is clearly visible for all warehouse staff. 

4. Use frame post protectors

Using frame post protectors in your warehouse will help to protect your warehouse racking, especially when your warehouse gets busy and there are lots of people and forklift operators moving about. Even the best warehouse staff can make mistakes and bump into the racking with trolleys and forklifts, so it is best to do what you can to stabilise the racking.

5. Train warehouse staff

If your warehouse staff members are not properly trained then it won’t be long before things get chaotic. Warehouse staff should know the warehouse layout, stock rules, operating protocols, safety regulations and emergency procedures by heart. It is also fundamental that anyone operating machinery has had the necessary training.

If you need assistance with industrial warehouse pallet racking, get in touch with our team to discuss a customised solution that will meet your unique requirements.

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