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8 advantages of having an adjustable louvre awning in your home

South Africans love the sun, and the sun certainly shines a lot in most parts of the country. The challenge is to find ways to enjoy the sun whilst managing its effects. This is why many homes (and even businesses) have an adjustable louvre awning, which is an excellent sun-control solution for patios, decks, courtyards, eating areas, balconies, office rooftops, restaurants and entertainment areas. Why? Well, here are some of the advantages for you to consider.

8 advantages of having an adjustable louvre awning in your home

1. Light control

An adjustable louvre awning enables you to effectively manage the amount of sunlight you allow into your space. Sometimes the sun’s rays can be bright and blinding, so closing the louvres on your awning will provide much-needed glare protection. Essentially, you have the choice of full light, diffused light or full shade as you shift the awning opening from fully open to fully closed.

You can essentially warm or cool a space naturally by determining how much light, and therefore heat, you allow in. That way, you save money too as there is no need to run fans, heaters or air conditioners. In winter, it is lovely to leave the louvres open fully to allow as much light and warmth into your home as possible. In summer, it is great to keep the louvres closed to reduce the amount of light and heat that streams in.

2. Ventilation management

On chilly winter mornings and evenings, you are able to close the louvres to retain heat and prevent cold air from rushing in. You can also keep the louvres closed on a hot summer’s day so that the white zincalume (what we use at King Brands) reflects the sun’s rays away. Another option is to leave the louvres slightly ajar to allow to circulate and hot air to escape. But you can also open them completely to improve ventilation even more and welcome a perfect summer’s breeze into the space to cool things down.

3. Rain protection

High-quality adjustable louvre awnings have an advanced interlocking design when the louvres are closed, which provides protection from the rain by redirecting the water flow away from your space and into gutter systems.

4. UV protection

UV rays can be damaging – not only for you and your family when it results in sunburn, but also for your furniture and flooring (especially in the case of wooden decking) when it fades and deteriorates it over time. By using the option to close your louvres, you can ensure that you, your family and your furniture are shaded and protected from the sometimes harsh sun.

5. Outdoor enjoyment

One of the greatest benefits of having an adjustable louvre awning in your home is that it allows you and your family to easily enjoy the outdoors throughout the year. It creates a social space in your home that can be used as a play place, entertainment area or chill-out zone. If you’re looking into an adjustable louvre awning for working environments then it creates a great space for staff to take breaks and connect with colleagues.

6. Aesthetic enhancement

Custom manufactured adjustable louvre awnings are constructed to aesthetically enhance existing architectural structures, thereby creating a pleasant architectural uniformity in your home or business. A protected outdoor space is particularly inviting.

7. Investment

Space comes at a premium these days, so increasing the amount of living space in your home by adding an adjustable louvre awning is certainly an investment. Homes with outdoor entertainment areas are also highly sought after in South Africa.

8. Easy to use and maintain

It’s so easy to open and close the louvres on an adjustable louvre awning that anyone can operate it. Good quality adjustable louvre awnings are certainly easy to use and maintain, and they have excellent durability and longevity.

Now that you’ve considered these advantages, your next question is probably – how much is it going to cost me? The King Brands team would love it if you connect with us so that we can discuss the options for your unique space and provide you with a free quote. Learn more about our adjustable louvre awnings here.

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