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Enclose your patio space for the winter months

Enclosing your patio for the winter months gives you that outdoor feeling even when it’s cold outside. Many South African homes feature wonderful outdoor living areas, perfect for enjoying the long warm summers. But when winter comes, these spaces are no longer used as much. Enclosing your patio gives you all the summer benefits, all year round. Whether you have a fixed patio awning or an adjustable louvre awning for your patio, adding outdoor roller blinds can add to the practicality of your outdoor space. Here are some of the benefits of enclosing your patio:

The benefits of an enclosed patio

  • You can use your covered and enclosed patio as an extra room on your home adding square meterage to your livable space without the time or cost implications of building.
  • Enclosed patios provide shade from direct sunlight and provide coolness by blocking out direct heat. 
  • Keeping your patio shaded can protect your patio furniture from sun damage. Our blinds offer 95% UV protection.
  • Enclosed patios provide a barrier from the wind and rain as well as other environmental elements such as dust and insects. 
  • Blinds can block some or all water from your patio depending on which material you select allowing you to add soft furnishings such as couches, carpets and decor without needing to worry about these items being outside.
  • Enclosed patios provide privacy. When your neighbours are close you can use your blinds to block the view.
  • You can heat up your enclosed patio with a fireplace or gas heater to create a warm environment. 
  • Keeping your roller blinds closed acts as an insulator for your home, keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer. With ever increasing electric costs in South Africa, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter without having to use electricity is a huge bonus!

Outdoor blinds come in all looks, shapes and sizes

Our range of blinds are all custom made to fit your exact space. You can choose the material type, pattern and colour from a range of fabrics available. Thicker fabrics will block out light and weather more efficiently while thin fabrics can provide wind protection while still allowing you a view of the outdoors. “Windows” can even be added! 

Convert from open to shut and back again quickly and easily

We love how our louvre awnings can be easily opened and shut or left partially open to let in some directional light. Roller blinds can be controlled either by pulley or via a motorised mechanism for easy use. Imaging closing down your patio with one click of a button, converting an open airy space into a cosy and warm environment. 
If you like the idea of sunny winter afternoon braais that turn into cosy evenings with family and friends, enclosing your patio with roller patio blinds will be an excellent investment in your home. In our temperate South African climate you can enjoy the outdoors all year round. You can find out more about our patio blind options here and get in touch for a free quote.

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