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How to enjoy your patio all year round

South Africans love to create memories on their patios. These special times together with family and friends don’t need to be reserved for certain times of the year. Here are a few things you can do to your patio to make sure you can enjoy it all year round.

7 things to do to your patio

1. Add cover

One of the most obvious ways to increase the use of your patio is to cover it. That way, you are protected from the sun and rain. You can opt for an umbrella, but a better long-term option is to install a more permanent cover, such as an awning. Modern awnings are cost-effective, they require very little maintenance and are manufactured to withstand all the elements. What’s more, you can choose between a fixed roofing option or an adjustable louvre awning that gives you the flexibility to let sunlight and air in as you desire.

2. Add warmth

When there is a slight chill in the air, the outside patio isn’t usually the first place we dash to. However, there are a few things you can do to make this space warmer and more inviting. Why not have some blankets or throws available or add some heat with a gas heater. You can even add an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

3. Add protection

In addition to adding cover, it might be necessary for you to add outdoor blinds or curtains. These will offer additional protection from the sun and rain. They will also help to create a cosy room by keeping the warmth inside, especially in the winter months. 

4. Add privacy

If your patio is exposed to neighbours then you might consider adding some kind of privacy. Privacy can be created by using small trees, shrubs or large pot plants. There are also some great wooden trellis ideas. Alternatively, you can also use blinds or curtains for privacy.

5. Add light

Light is inviting. No one wants to sit in a dark corner of the house. You can install additional electrical ceiling lights or lamps or, if you prefer the natural outdoor vibe, use paraffin lanterns, candles or solar lights.

6. Add comfort

Whether you are using your patio as a dining area or an outdoor lounge, it needs to be comfortable. Choose furniture that will encourage people to relax and linger longer. 

6. Add fun

If you find that your outdoor patio is getting used much, why not add a dartboard, a pool table or a kist full of board games? Make your patio a fun space.

Well, if you want to enjoy your patio all year round then start by adding a cover to your patio. Get in touch with our All Seasons team to get a quote today.

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