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Need more warehouse floor space: Mezzanine installation case study

Finding more warehouse floor space is a constant game of Tetris. Repacking and reorganising your warehouse will help, but will never add to the actual square meters of floor space you have available in your warehouse. But if you just need more warehouse floor space, there is a solution. Add a mezzanine floor to quickly and cost-effectively get more m2 in your space. For one of our clients, whose operations rely heavily on storing large quantities of product for streamlined logistics investing in a mezzanine floor system was not just a choice but a strategic imperative. They desperately needed more floor space in their Gauteng warehouse. Let’s look at the specific needs and steps in implementing this project.

The need for more floor space in the warehouse

A distributor of quality colour TVs and other tech devices in South Africa recognised the crucial role of a well-organised warehouse in meeting customer demands promptly and cost-effectively. With an open floor plan of 1630m2 in their warehouse, they needed to make the most of the space they had available. They had decided they did not want to store product high off the ground on high racking, only accessible by forklift. They were not wanting to buy or rent a second warehouse and approached King Brands to assist with a solution. We proposed adding a mezzanine floor system which would offer them a full new floor of storage space. This allowed them to make use of the full volume of their warehouse without having to install high racking units. The mezzanine floor space, accessible by a safe and sturdy set of stairs, provides a safe new area for packing.

Planning for success

Before embarking on the installation process, meticulous planning was required. King Brands collaborated closely with the warehouse team to design the new mezzanine floor space. Factors such as load capacity, aisle widths, safety, and accessibility were carefully considered to ensure the new mezzanine floor aligns seamlessly with their operational needs and keeps the warehouse functioning optimally.

The installation

With the planning phase completed, the installation of the mezzanine floor commences. Each component is meticulously assembled, ensuring structural integrity and stability. Advanced anchoring techniques are employed to secure the new floor firmly to the existing warehouse floor, enhancing safety and durability.

King Brands installed flooring totalling 1630m2, effectively doubling the available floor space to a huge 3260m2. This mezzanine floor can hold up to 945 tons of additional product. The installation took only 21 days to complete, with the full project taking 90 days from concept to completion.

To construct the mezzanine we used:

tons of metal
tons of board
self drillers

Realising the benefits

The additional space enables our client to accommodate growing inventory volumes without the need to purchase more warehouses, which is a major cost saving and will allow them to maximise their ROI. The streamlined storage layout allows for quick and efficient deliveries which is vital to ensure the brand can grow its reputation in the South African market.


In the competitive landscape of modern commerce, efficient warehouse management is non-negotiable for businesses aiming to thrive. For this and many of our clients, a King Brands mezzanine floor represents a strategic investment in operational excellence and customer satisfaction. Does your warehouse need more floor space? Get in touch with us to plan out your success!

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