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Prep your patio for date night

Warm evenings in South Africa are ideal for spending time outdoors. Having a covered patio allows you to enjoy the outdoors and still protects you from light rain and cooler evening breezes. Covered patios are also the perfect venue for a romantic date night right in your own home! This is a great date idea when the budget is tight, or when you don’t have a baby sitter!

Let’s have a look at how you can prep your patio for date night this valentines day!

Prepping your patio for date night

1. Prepare your venue

Clean up any clutter that has crept onto your patio space. Due to the protection from the elements, covered patios tend to become storage spaces for bikes, garden and pool equipment and garden furniture. Treating a covered patio area as part of your home living area and having it neat and tidy is the first step in making it feel more cosy and romantic.

2. Furnish your patio

Modern outdoor furniture is robust and available in so many styles. Choosing hard wearing yet comfortable seating is a must for covered patio areas (have a look at what patio furniture Builders Warehouse has on offer). Your seating does not all need to be traditional either, hanging chairs or hammocks, day beds and even oversized bean bags can work really well in making a space more inviting and comfortable. If you use your patio primarily for eating, ensuring the seats are comfortable will allow you to sit and enjoy your patio for longer. For a special date night, don’t be afraid to move your indoor furniture outside for extra comfort.

3. Patio accessories

Just like any fancy restaurant, you can set the mood on your patio with rugs, pot plants, candles, artwork and decor pieces. Again, these can be temporary and just for date night or you can invest in outdoor rugs and artwork that will withstand the weather.

4. Light up your patio

Adding both functional and mood lighting on your patio really adds to the date night feel you are aiming for. Mood lighting can be temporary (candles or fairy lights) or permanent (string lights, feature fittings etc). There are many solar powered lighting options available, ideal for patio spaces. Having your outdoor space equipped for use day and night really adds to the available living area of your home.

5. Add some tech

Add portable speakers, or even a projector setup, to really take your patio to the next level. This will allow you to put on some background music during dinner or enjoy a movie projected on the wall for your date.

Now your covered patio is all ready and setup as the venue for an epic date night! You can now personalise your date any way you choose, making the most of the home you have created together.

Don’t have a cosy covered patio space to enjoy this Valentines Day? Our team would love to hear your vision and share their advice and experience in creating amazing outdoor spaces. Chat to a King Brands representative today to get your space measured for a fixed or louvred awning.

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