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Rejuvenate your office building with architectural facades

If your office building is looking the worse for wear then perhaps it’s time for a rejuvenation project. Architectural facades are a cost-effective way to improve the appearance of a building, and they offer practical advantages too. If you’re researching ways to add value to your office building then take a look at these benefits of architectural facades.

The benefits of using architectural facades to rejuvenate your office building

Improve aesthetic appeal

Architectural facades have certainly become more popular over the years, and this has resulted in a variety of creative designs, which add a unique aesthetic appeal to otherwise “boring” buildings. Different materials, patterns, colours, finishes and branding can catch the attention of those passing by, as they add interest to the exterior of your office building.

Improve sun protection

Sun screens on buildings help to control the amount of sunlight entering the interior, which prevents UV damage to carpets, furniture and artwork. Sun screens also protect the exterior of office buildings.

Improve light penetration

Natural light is good to have in an office building as it increases productivity, and an architectural facade helps to control and improve the light penetration without compromising on UV safety and employee comfort.
Improve energy efficiency

Sun screens help to manage the build up of heat inside office buildings. This reduces reliance on air conditioning systems, which brings cooling expenses down.

Improve ventilation

Together the components of an architectural facade help to control the airflow in an office building, as well as reduce the amount of dust coming into the building. This promotes better air quality and ventilation.

Improve noise control

A facade can help reduce the level of external noises (like traffic and construction) that impact your office building. This can help your employees maintain focus in a quieter environment.

Improve eco-friendliness

Because they improve energy efficiency and promote sustainability, facades can help contribute to the eco-friendliness of your office building. The metal materials used to construct the facades are also recyclable.

Improve durability

Architectural facades offer great environmental protection against wind, rain and hail. The facades themselves are resistant to temperature, weathering and corrosion, thereby enhancing the durability of the buildings they protect.

Improve versatility

The metals used for facades can easily be shaped into a variety of designs to fulfil various functions – from practical protection or structural reinforcement to decorative enhancement.

Having read all the ways that architectural facades and sun screens can improve your office building, why not get in touch with a King Brands representative to find out how our All Seasons options can benefit your business?

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