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Storage gift ideas for someone who has it all

Gift-giving time can be stressful when we have to think of the perfect present for that loved one who has it all. Perhaps the best solution is to get them something that they can use to neatly organise all the things they already have. Andrew J. Mellen, author of Unstuff Your Life, said, “Being organised isn’t about getting rid of everything you own or trying to become a different person. It’s about living the way you want to live – but better.” On that note, let’s take a look at some great storage gift ideas.

3 storage gift ideas

1. Metal shelving

Industrial shelves are all the rage at the moment. They work in just about any space – garages, offices, sheds, storerooms, walk-in closets, storage containers, patios, bedrooms, classrooms, warehouses, living areas, workshops and even kitchens. A boltless shelving option is so easy to assemble, yet durable. Boltless shelves also come in different sizes (widths, heights and levels) to cater for a range of needs. So if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to get stuff off the floor then a steel shelf is a great option.

2. Clear (and labelled) boxes and bags

The biggest advantage of using clear storage containers is that it’s easier to see what’s inside. Transparent boxes and bags can then be stored on easily-accessible shelves or in cupboards. Even better is if you create personalised and/or colour-coded stickers to further assist in quick identification. It’s best if the containers are similar in shape and size, or even stackable.

3. Different hooks

There are loads of items that can effectively be hung up for easy access – instead of being stuffed into a drawer, cupboard or cardboard box, or worse… left lying on the floor! You can use hooks to hang bicycles, tools, bags, scarves, sports equipment, camping gear, hats and much more. There are many different types of hooks to choose from, e.g. cup hooks, flat bike hooks, vertical bike hooks, pinkie hooks, short single hooks, long single hooks, round utility hooks and short utility hooks. There really are countless clever ways to use hooks in your home to stay organised.

If you’re looking for more of a custom-made storage gift for that special person, please get in touch with us. Our Dura Racking team would love to put together a solution that is as unique as the receiver of the storage gift.

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