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The benefits of warehouse mezzanine floors

Warehouses offer a lot of space, but often that space gets taken up quickly. Perhaps you find yourself in that “no more space” situation and are considering building onto your warehouse or even moving locations to a bigger space. But there is another cost-effective solution that you might not have thought of – adding a mezzanine floor. Let’s take a look at what warehouse mezzanine floors are and the benefits of including them in your warehouse.

What are warehouse mezzanine floors?

Warehouse mezzanine floors are elevated platforms that are erected between a warehouse floor and ceiling to create additional levels of floor space in a warehouse. Mezzanine floors enable you to use the often unused vertical space in a warehouse, thereby increasing your floor space without having to expand or move to a bigger warehouse.

What are their benefits?

  • Increased storage space

The main advantage of adding a mezzanine floor to your warehouse is the increased storage space it offers. Having enough easily accessible storage space is pivotal to the success of a warehouse as it promotes organisation. Without space, things can quickly get cluttered and chaotic.

  • Improved safety

A disorganised warehouse is not only stressful, but also unsafe. If stock is constantly stacked on top of one another then it won’t be long before things collapse. The extra space that a mezzanine floor provides helps to prevent accidents. A mezzanine floor also enables warehouse managers to have a bird’s eye view of their warehouse so that they can spot any weaknesses (e.g. broken boxes) and threats (e.g. criminal activity).

  • Stay where you are

If you feel as if you have run out of space then perhaps a mezzanine floor can provide that little bit of extra space you need to prevent you from having to move to a bigger warehouse. Warehouse relocation costs are huge, as are the stresses involved in moving, so rather stay where you are and add a mezzanine floor to your existing space.

  • Cost-effective

Erecting a mezzanine floor is certainly cheaper than calling in the architects and builders to construct another floor in your warehouse or to plan an extension renovation. It’s also a lot more reasonable (in more ways than one) than moving to a bigger warehouse.

If the benefits of warehouse mezzanine floors have piqued your interest then get in touch with us. Let’s set up a time for one of our Dura Racking team members to visit your warehouse to provide you with expert counsel and an obligation-free quote.

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