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The best way to store bicycles after rides

It would be great if we could easily store our bulky bikes away when we are not riding them. They do tend to take up a lot of space, especially when everyone in the family has one (or more). The good news is that there are effective ways to store bicycles to keep them out of everyone’s way. Let’s take a closer look at two of the best options.

2 ways to store bicycles after rides

1. Hook them up

One of the best ways to store bicycles is by investing in a few high quality bike hooks. There are a number of bike hook options, including vertical bike hooks and flat bike hooks. Using storage hooks is certainly one of the most cost-effective, simple ways to store bikes. The hooks can easily be screwed into a wall or ceiling, or used with a hook rail, so that your bikes can then hang off the ground. When they’re off the ground they don’t take up precious floor space, they are out of the way and they are less likely to get knocked over (and damaged). You can either hang your bike vertically (using one hook) or horizontally (using two hooks). 

The advantage of using a
hook rail system is that you can also hang up helmets and other biking accessories using other hooks. For example, King Brands has a Cyclist Enthusiast Hook Set that is perfect for a cyclist or family who owns multiple bicycles. Let us hook you up with a biking storage solution. Shop online now.

2. Stand them up

Another quick and easy way to store bicycles is by parking them in a bike stand. This is a great option if you have the space for a bike stand in a garage, shed or other covered area of your home. There is no installation involved and the bike stand can be moved around if necessary. You can buy a bike stand or build a DIY one out of pallet wood. 

No more tripping over bicycles left lying around! Let us know how you plan to store your bikes, and
give us a call if you need some advice on bike hook options. 

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