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Warehouse organisation tips to manage increased festive season stock

The festive season usually requires more stock than usual to be ordered and distributed. More stock helps to ensure that the increased demand at this time of year is met. However, it can create chaos (perhaps even stock and profit losses) if your warehouse is not organised. Follow these warehouse organisation tips to stay on top of things.

4 warehouse organisation tips to manage increased stock

1. Create a separate workspace for admin staff

Your administrative staff are key to the effective organisation of your warehouse stock. It’s important that they have a safe, clutter-free space to focus, plan and work efficiently. If your warehouse doesn’t allow for this space, perhaps consider adding a mezzanine floor to your warehouse. This is a great option to create a separate workspace in your warehouse.

2. Use the warehouse space optimally, especially the height

Before stock even arrives on the warehouse floor, make sure you have installed racking and shelving solutions that will effectively meet your storage requirements. It is of no use to dump boxes on the floor or on top of one another, as this does not make optimal use of your warehouse space. As soon as stock is signed in, it should be transferred to the shelf in the warehouse where it belongs.

3. Make sure you have the storage accessories you need

Storage accessories like forklifts, trolleys and ladders are key to accessing and moving stock around effortlessly. Before, and during the festive season, there is a lot of stock movement so it’s best to keep up so that stock doesn’t get damaged or lost.

4. Keep similar stock items together

It helps to keep similar stock items together. It comes down to a refined warehouse layout plan with separate spaces and excellent signposting and labelling. Installing cages can be extremely effective in improving warehouse operation efficiency and preventing stock items from getting lost. 

It’s time to start getting your warehouse organised. Contact our experienced team if you’d like to chat about some more warehouse organisation tips. Our racking, shelving, mezzanine flooring and storage accessory products can be combined to create a fully customised storage optimisation solution to meet your specific requirements.

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