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What is a building facade and what is its purpose?

A building facade usually refers to the front or exterior part of a building. It comes from the French word, façade (pronounced [fasad]), which means “face” or “frontage”. When it comes to architecture, the facade of a building is important because it’s often the most visible part of a structure. So it needs to look good. Let’s look at what people usually mean when they talk about a building facade these days and why you would want to invest in a building facade for your property.

What is a building facade?

Although we’ve mentioned a building facade as broadly meaning the front or exterior of a building, it has become quite common to talk about building facades, architectural facades and sun screens when referring to panels and fascias that are constructed to provide privacy, as well as accentuate, beautify and/or protect a building from the elements. They have, in fact, become regular features in modern day architecture and are included in both the conceptualisation or revitalisation phases of any domestic or commercial architectural project.

What is the purpose of a building facade?

There are a number of reasons why you’d want to invest in a building face for your property. 

1. Climate control

Building facades can offer added climate control for properties, which is important in South Africa where the sun’s rays can be harsh. Facades prevent unwanted sun from entering rooms, thereby reducing heat generation and allowing for a more stable temperature control. This also reduces HVAC-related costs.

2. Sun protection

By preventing sun penetration, facades and sun screens offer protection from the sun and help to prevent UV rays from damaging interior carpets, furniture and paint work. 

3. Privacy management

One of the main reasons for erecting building facades is to create privacy and restrict access in certain areas for visual discretion or noise reduction reasons.

4. Improve appearance

Well-designed facades and sun screens, that are manufactured from strong, premium materials and flawlessly coated in colours that match architectural colour schemes, will certainly improve the appearance of any building. Not only that, but they can effectively hide unsightly things like air conditioner units, water tanks, aerials, etc. 

5. Extra security

If the frames, panels and fascias are made out of strong materials, like zincalume and steel, then they actually add an extra layer of security for buildings. 

If you’d like to explore the idea of a building facade on your property, why not set up a site visit with one of our team members. We’d love to explore the possibilities with you.

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