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10 advantages of retractable barriers in your home

Security is a necessity in your home. Home is the place where you want to feel completely safe. Home is the place where you want your loved ones to be protected. But you don’t want to feel like you are living in jail. One way to secure your home is by installing retractable barriers that are there when you need them and gone when you don’t. Here are ten reasons why they’re an advantageous security solution to consider.

10 advantages of retractable barriers

1. Space

Certainly one of the prominent plusses of retractable security barriers is that they do not take up too much space. When they are not being used, they can simply be neatly stacked away. This helps to promote a feeling of openness and spaciousness in your home when extra layers of security aren’t required. A swing gate can take up a lot of space (that you might not even have) at entrances, staircases or passages.

2. Security

Another key advantage that fold-away gates offer is an additional layer of security when it is needed, such as when you’re away from your home or when you’re sleeping. But the slamlock functionality also means that it can be closed and locked instantaneously if there’s ever an intruder in your home.

3. Peace

Nobody enjoys sleeping with one eye open or constantly feeling anxious about potential intrusions. Knowing that there is extra security gives everyone in the home some peace of mind.

4. Value

Installing retractable security gates and barriers in your home adds value to your home. Security is one of the most important things people look for when purchasing a new home.

5. Safety

Retractable barriers can be closed and locked whenever necessary to keep everyone in your home protected and feeling safe, especially when they are at home alone. Safety is an important human need that reduces stress and anxiety, and promotes freedom and focus.

6. Convenience

Having a security gate is convenient when it’s hot and you’d like to leave the door open to create a through-draught. It’s also handy when you want to keep your dogs on one side of the home without having to close doors.

7. Minimalism

Expandable gates are space-saving winners and a minimalist’s dream because they are essentially out of sight when they are not in use.

8. Investment

Adding additional layers of security in your home is an investment in your property. But it’s also an investment in your emotional well-being – we all need to feel happy, carefree, safe and secure in our homes.

9. Customisable

Retractable security gates and barriers can be fully customised to fit the unique entry spaces in your home and to match your interior design requirements.

10. Insurance-reducing

By increasing your home security, you reduce the risk of crime and thereby reduce your insurance premiums. 

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