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Why security barriers are great for summer

Safety is a basic need. One could argue that staying cool in summer is also a basic need. But how is it possible to feel secure and cool, at the same time, in South Africa? Most of us want to leave all the doors and windows open to allow some cool air, or even the slightest breeze, to flow through the home. However, we are aware that we cannot always do that as it can welcome uninvited intruders into our space. Installing various security barriers in your home, holiday home or workplace is a great solution. Let’s take a look at some of the options.

Four security barriers for the home (or office)

1. Retractable security barriers

If you don’t like the idea of having a gate or barriers always visible, you might prefer a retractable security gate or barrier. These can be closed when you need them, and put away when you don’t. And even when they are closed, they still allow for constant airflow. They are ideally suited for doors, sliding doors, windows, hatches, shop fronts, offices, patios and other building openings. 

2. Solid security gates

Unfortunately, we live in a time where we can’t just leave the front door open anymore. Yet, leaving it open often helps to create a through-draught. Putting a solid swing gate in is a perfect solution for summer because it offers the security you need, whilst allowing the air in. Our King Swing solid security gates are versatile, rigid, secure, robust and attractive.

3. Static security barriers

Similar to the idea of a solid security gate, static barriers protect your windows so that you can leave them open. You can let the summer breeze in and keep intruders out. Since most burglars gain access through an unprotected window opening, it is important to secure all of these window openings. Our King Fix static security barriers are custom manufactured to ensure the best fit for your windows.

4. Burglar bars

Our King Cottage burglar bars are an alternative to static security barriers, and are also custom manufactured. There are also polycarbonate transparent burglar bars, which you hardly notice are there but still protect against petty (and pesty) crime and allow you to leave your windows open.  

If you’d like to stay safe and cool this summer, contact us to get a free quote on any of these security options. 

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