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3 elegant courtyard cover ideas for home or work

There are many homes or workplaces that have courtyard areas that are perhaps not used often because they typically don’t have any cover. In fact, a courtyard can be described as “a circumscribed area, often surrounded by a building or complex, that is open to the sky.” The problem with an uncovered courtyard is that the weather can affect its usage. No one wants to sit outside having a coffee in the pouring rain or reading the newspaper in the glaring sun. Let’s consider some elegant courtyard cover ideas that will protect you from the elements and inspire you to use the space more. 

3 elegant courtyard cover ideas

1. Elegant awning

A fixed elegant awning is ideal for a courtyard because it is aesthetically pleasing, but also offers water and sun control. They can be custom made to perfectly fit the size of your courtyard and match the exterior colours of your building. Sometimes as many as fifteen different fascia colours are available, which makes it easy to complement most colour schemes. There is also an option to use opaque polycarbonate sheets that allow diffused natural sunlight to filter in without forming hotspots. An elegant awning can help you create a beautifully shaded courtyard – that is protected from rain and rays – for you to enjoy.

2. Pergola

Pergolas can help make your courtyard a focal point in your outdoor area. Wooden, composite wood or aluminium pergolas are ideal for courtyards and create a lovely outdoor seating space. Even the smallest pergola can give your courtyard a bit of shade when paired with climbing plants. Climbing plants can make your courtyard look (and smell) beautiful, especially when you use fragrant flowers, such as jasmine, roses and wisteria.

However, because a pergola is open it doesn’t offer the best protection from water and sun. You could consider an adjustable louvre awning instead of a fixed awning, as this allows you to close the louvres when there is drizzle or an unbearable glare. There are a few differences between the two awning options, but if you’re after the openness of a pergola then an adjustable louvre awning is a great alternative.

3. Umbrella

You may be thinking that an umbrella isn’t really an elegant option for courtyard cover, but we’re not talking about cheap beach umbrellas. Nor are we referring to small umbrellas that you have to awkwardly hold while sitting in your courtyard. We’re talking about stunning outdoor cantilever umbrellas. The advantage of these is that they can be put down when they are not needed. The disadvantages are that they’re often quite heavy to move around and perhaps won’t last as long as an awning.

Perhaps you have a courtyard at home or work that isn’t being used. There is a lot that you can actually do to use your outdoor living space more. Why not start with getting it covered? Give our team a call if you’d like to discuss these courtyard cover ideas.

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