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Things to do to use your outdoor living space more

Your outdoor area can be one of the most underutilised spaces in your home, yet there is huge potential to turn it into a functional, and even beautiful, extension of your home. In South Africa, our weather is (generally) perfectly suited to being outside. Because of this, a lot of homes do have outdoor areas like balconies, patios, courtyards and gardens. Here are some things you can do to use your outdoor living space more.

4 things you can do to use your outdoor living space

1. Build a patio

Some properties have the space for a patio that goes outside from an indoor living area, but it just hasn’t been built yet. Why not consider investing in your property by replacing windows with sliding or stacking doors that go out onto a patio? Demarcate an area outside, lay the foundations and put in the flooring, e.g. tiling, paving or decking. You may even consider adding a built-in braai, built-in seating or built-in counters for a bar and/or outdoor kitchen. Once you’ve built your patio, there is plenty you can do to make sure you enjoy your patio all year round

2. Buy furniture

Very often, the main reason we don’t sit outside is because there is nowhere to sit. Get a table and chairs and you’ll soon find yourself venturing outside for meals instead of eating inside. What’s better than enjoying a dinner outdoors on a warm, summer evening? Alternatively, you can get an outdoor couch or beanbags to lounge around on. Imagine curling up with a book and a blanket on a sunny, winter afternoon.

3. Invest in cover

No, we don’t mean insurance. We mean covering your outdoor living space – to protect you (and everything underneath it) from the elements – with either a fixed elegant awning or adjustable louvre awning. If you like the idea of being able to open and close your roof then the advantages of an adjustable awning will certainly appeal to you. If you’re still not sure which option you’d prefer to go with, it’s best to carefully consider what is best suited for the outdoor area you want to cover. 

4. Create privacy

Another reason people often don’t venture outside their homes is because they don’t enjoy their neighbours being able to see them. The simple solution to this is to look at architectural facades and sun screens as a way to create privacy. Privacy management is just one purpose of a building facade. It can also improve climate control, sun protection, appearance and security.

If you’d like to start investing in and improving your outdoor living space so that you use it more, get in touch with our All Seasons team. One of our representatives can do a site visit and give you some ideas.

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