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3 handy tips for storing clothing away

As the seasons change, you may find that one half of your wardrobe no longer gets touched. And if you have limited space in your bedroom, you may find it beneficial to actually store some clothing away while it’s not being used. This also not only applies to seasonal clothing, but also to clothing you use once in a while when you travel (to cold, snowy places) or participate in certain activities (like hiking or scuba diving). Here are three handy tips to consider when storing clothing away.

3 handy tips for storing clothing away

1. Organise and clean your clothing

The first step is always the hardest – sorting through all of your clothing to decide what you need to store away. While you’re it, you may as well donate some of the clothing you realise you haven’t worn in decades. There’s not much point in keeping and storing things away that you’re never going to use.

Once you’ve figured out what you’d like to store away for a period of time, it’s best to give them a wash (or dry clean, if necessary). Don’t forget to check pockets, fasten buttons and pull up zips before putting clothing in the washing machine. Most importantly, allow clothing to dry properly before starting to store them away. 

2. Put clothing in containers and bags

Usually, plastic containers are the best storage for clothing as they’re effective at keeping moisture and bugs out, they’re easy to handle and they can stack well. Clear plastic is handy because it’s easier to see the contents, but if the containers will be exposed to the sun then darker-coloured containers are better to prevent clothing from fading. Cardboard boxes aren’t ideal as they don’t offer much protection against moisture and bugs. Alternatively, or additionally, you can use fabric or canvas bags to store your clothing in (as long as the material is breathable).

Once you’ve put all your clean, dry clothing into different containers and bags, make sure you add a label on the outside to remind you what’s on the inside. It might be a good idea to throw in some moisture absorbers if you think it’s necessary and use a moth-repellant for wool or cashmere clothing items (use lavender or cedar sachets instead of mothballs).

3. Use shelving and storage hooks in garages and storerooms

The most popular places to store additional items, including clothing, are the garage or a storeroom space that you may have under stairs, in an extra room or in an outside building. Unfortunately, these spaces can quickly become dumping grounds. The most effective way to keep these storage spaces organised and clutter-free is to install garage racking or shelving and storage hooks. Storing clothing in containers on shelves, and in bags hanging on hooks, enables you to quickly get to the clothing you need without having to shuffle things around. 

These home storage solutions are easy to install and help you get the most out of your space. There are DIY or custom-made options, bolted and boltless shelving options and a variety of hook and rail options. Visit our online shop or contact us for a custom solution to meet your unique needs.

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