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4 quick and easy steps to put up bike hooks

Being able to quickly and easily hang your bike up on a hook, so that it’s out of the way, is a win. But is it as quick and easy to put up the bike hooks? Yes, it is! We often procrastinate organising things with a little DIY because we think it will take a long time. The irony is that it often takes more time in the long run to find what you need as you inevitably shuffle things around without really organising anything. Not to mention the frustration of dealing with too much stuff that gets in the way. Time to get your bike off the floor and off your mind with these four super simple steps to put up bike hooks.

What you need

Before you get started, you’ll need these basic tools. If you don’t have these tools, why not borrow from a friend or neighbour?

4 super simple steps to put up bike hooks

1. Decide where you want your track and hooks to go

If you’re using your track and hooks to hang up bicycles then make sure the track is high enough off the ground for the bikes to hang down. Also, consider where the best place is for your bicycles to be stored – you probably won’t want your muddy bike to hang in your bedroom. A good place is usually the garage or a covered outdoor area.

2. Measure and mark the first hole

You know what they say: measure thrice, check twice and drill once.

3. Drill a hole into the wall and secure the track to the wall

Use a spirit level to ensure your track is straight, and drill the second and third (or more) holes to secure the track in place

4. Follow the same steps for each track and then add your hooks

Once your tracks are in place, you can simply slide the bike hooks into position. It’s so easy to arrange the hooks as required.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get your bike off the floor and hook it up today! Purchase our cycling enthusiast hook set now or design something that works for you by buying rails and hooks separately. If you’re looking for more complete garage and home storage solutions or a custom solution for your unique space, fill in a quick form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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