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6 places trellis security gates can be installed

Trellis security gates (or retractable security barriers) are popular because they are there when you need them and gone when you don’t. In other words, they can be pushed to the side when not in use or closed and locked when security is necessary. Typically, they are secured within a durable top and bottom galvanised track system with no leverage points and can be quickly slammed closed when there is a security threat. They can be installed in a variety of places, which we will look at now.

6 places trellis security gates can be installed

1. Front doors

A gate in front of front doors is an important additional layer of security, as burglars often get into a home or business through the main entrance. It offers peace of mind when you’re sleeping at night or when you’re away from your property.

2. Internal doors

A common place to install trellis gates is in front of passage doors to create a safety zone in your home or business. These can then be locked at night or closed quickly (without having to fumble with keys) when there is an immediate security threat. Retractable gates are also a good solution for the top or bottom of stairs if you want to prevent a crawling baby or toddler from accessing the stairs.

3. Sliding doors or windows

Trellis security gates work the same way as sliding doors, which is why they work perfectly in front of sliding doors or sliding windows in your home or business.

4. Patios

If you have a covered patio area then you may prefer to put a security gate around the perimeter of the patio instead of at the doors that go onto the patio. 

5. Hatches

Retractable barriers are a great solution for any hatches or openings in your home, for example, a bar hatch that opens onto your outdoor patio.

6. Shopfronts

Shops on streets and in shopping centres can benefit from having an additional layer of security when closed, but which is out of sight during trading hours. 

There are many advantages of trellis security gates – no matter where you install them. Get in touch with the King Trellis team now to find out how we can customise a trellis security gate to fit the unique space that you have.  

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