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8 places that need walkway awnings

We use walkways all the time – whether we realise it or not, and whether they are covered or not. Every day, you walk a certain way from where you park your car to the front door of your home, to the reception of your office building and to the entrance of the shopping centre. Adding awnings to these walkways offers protection from the rain, sun and other weather elements. Homes, offices and shopping centres are just a few of many places where walkway awnings, otherwise known as fixed awnings, are needed.

8 places that need walkway awnings

1. Educational institutions

Educational institutions, such as schools and university campuses, are just one of seven places that need walkway awnings to keep students and staff covered as they move between different classes, lectures or buildings.

2. Religious institutions

Those attending meetings or services at churches, synagogues or other religious buildings would certainly also benefit from walkway awnings. These buildings can often get quite crowded, which could get particularly unpleasant with slippery floors and countless umbrellas.

3. Home

It’s not fun running from your car to the front door in the pouring rain at the end of a gruelling day, or ever for that matter. Walkway and door awnings are a must for home.

4. Prisons

If we learnt anything from the television series Prison Break, it’s that prisons often have large webs of walkways between multiple prison cells, sections and buildings. Visitors, staff and security teams would benefit from not having to walk or patrol in wet or blistering hot conditions.

5. Office buildings

It’s not ideal when you head out with a colleague to grab a takeaway cuppa and it starts to pour with rain. Luckily, one of you thought to bring an umbrella, but now you have to share it. A walkway awning really is the perfect solution for office buildings and business parks.  

6. Shopping centres

Shopping when it’s raining is great… as long as you can get into the shops without getting wet. If you want the customers to keep coming then you need to keep them dry.

7. Healthcare facilities

Some big hospitals and other medical institutions have wards, consulting rooms or operating theatres in different buildings. And it is pivotal to keep patients, staff and visitors protected from the elements as they move between the medical areas. 

8. Hotels and lodges

When you’re on holiday, you don’t want to experience getting sunburnt or drenched in the rain as you wander around the hotel or lodge that you are staying at.

Perhaps you can think of some more places that need walkway awnings? If you have thought of a walkway that you use on a daily basis that requires some protection, get in touch with us to set up a site visit.

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