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How to adjust louvre awnings in different seasons

Adjustable louvre awnings really are the ultimate sun control solution for all seasons. Being able to easily adjust how much light and air (and rain) you allow into your space is a huge advantage when it comes to the South African climate, especially in the Highveld. Let’s take a look at how to adjust louvre awnings in different seasons so that you can get the most out of them, and enjoy your patio all year round.

How to adjust louvre awnings…

In Autumn and Winter

In the colder months, you want to allow as much of that warm, winter sun in as possible. It is a good idea to open your louvres during the day to let the sun stream in. The winter sun is less harsh than the summer sun, so there is less UV damage. However, it’s still a good idea to keep furniture covered when not in use. There is also less rain in autumn and winter, so leaving the louvres open isn’t as risky.

If you plan on using your patio space in the evening, close your louvres when the sun goes down to retain all the heat absorbed during the day, and to prevent the cold evening air from flowing in. If you have outdoor blinds that you can use to close off the sides, that’s even better. Add a bit of heat –  in the form of blankets, a heater or even an outdoor fire pit – to create a comfortable, cosy cocoon. 

In Spring and Summer

In the warmer months, you essentially need to do the opposite with your louvre awnings. As the harsh sun shines brightly during spring and summer days, it’s best to close your louvre awnings during the day to keep your patio shaded and cool. Having your awning closed also protects your patio and patio furniture from UV damage, rain and hail, which is more common in the spring and summer months. 

On clear and hot evenings, you can then open your louvre awnings to allow some cool air to flow into your patio space. Alternatively, on warm evenings when light rain or drizzle is a possibility, you can keep the louvres closed just in case. 

The huge advantage of adjustable louvre awnings is the flexibility they offer. It’s so quick and easy to adjust them as different weather situations arise. Now there’s no excuse not to use your patio – no matter the season or the weather. Here are some other ideas to enjoy your patio all year round

If you’d like to invest in your property, get in touch with our All Seasons team today to get a quote on a custom adjustable louvre awning that’s just right for your unique space.   

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