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How to extend the life of your retractable gate

The retractable gate (otherwise known as a trellis security gate or opvoubare konsertina sekuriteits hek in Afrikaans) is one of our most reputable and sought-after products. In fact, if you read more about us, you’ll learn that we started out as King Trellis just before we celebrated the new millennium, and retractable barriers were amongst our first products. When selling this top product, we often get asked by clients how they can clean, care and ultimately extend the life of their sliding gate. Let’s take a look at our top tips to keep it running smoothly.or 

6 tips to extend the life of your retractable gate

1. Measure twice

Pay close attention to your measurements so that you buy the right DIY retractable gate online or order the right customised gate.

2. Follow the instructions

If you’re going the DIY route then please make sure you follow the installation instructions carefully.

3. Check the instructions

No, that isn’t a print error. It’s just a reminder to check the instructions before, during and after installation. Even if you’ve opted for a customised retractable gate, it’s important to follow the installer’s instructions on how best to operate your gate.

4. Keep it clean

Keeping your gate clean helps to prevent corrosion due to contaminants like mist, fog or salt (often experienced in coastal areas) or acid rain (sometimes experienced in industrial areas). The more your gate is exposed to these things, the more often you will have to clean it. To clean your retractable gate, start by using a duster to get rid of some dust. Then you can use a good quality car wash and mix it with the correct ratio of water. Use a soft, cotton cloth to wipe your gate clean and a soft brush to get into all the nooks and crannies. You can then dry your gate with a chamois cloth.

5. Vacuum the tracks

When you’re vacuuming the floors, use the opportunity to suck up all the dust and debris that might have fallen on the bottom track of your retractable gate. This will ensure your gate opens and closes smoothly.

6. Apply lubrication spray

Applying lubrication spray to your gate will also help prevent it from becoming too difficult to slide. 

Feel free to send us any additional questions you may have about your retractable security gate. If you’d like to purchase a DIY gate, shop now. Get in touch with us if you are looking for a customised option.

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