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How to install DIY hooks and shelves

Is it time to clear up the clutter and make a fresh start? It’s easier than you think to organise your garage and home. Here’s a simple guide on how to install DIY hooks and shelves. Once you’re done, there will be a lot more space on the floor to dance.

How to install DIY hooks

Storage hook systems are so easy to install in your garage or home. It’s a perfect option for hardware tools, bicycles, garden tools, sports equipment, home maintenance tools (like brooms and mops), clothing, bags… and anything, really.

What you need

  1. Hook rails or tracks

To get started, you’ll need hook rails or tracks for your hooks. Tracks come in different lengths, so measure the areas where you want to put up tracks and hooks to ensure you purchase the correct tracks. Our hook rails at King Brands come in three sizes:

  1. Hooks

There are lots of different types of hooks that you can slide onto your hook rail. Think about what items you need to hang up, as this will help you figure out which hooks to get. Here are some of the more common ones:

Watch this short video to understand how the tracks and hooks work together:


Installing DIY hooks

Now that you have your tracks and hooks ready, let’s take a look at installing them.



So it’s a simple process:

  1. Measure and mark the first hole
  2. Drill a hole into the wall and secure the track to the wall
  3. Use a spirit level to ensure your track is straight
  4. Drill the second hole and secure in place
  5. Drill and secure the third hole
  6. More places can be secured according to the spacing on the track
  7. Measure and mark for your next track
  8. Continue with the same steps for each track you wish to fit
  9. Choose the hooks suited to your application then simply slide into position
  10. Now you are ready to arrange your space as desired – just add and change hooks as you need

How to install DIY shelves

Boltless clip-together DIY shelving is a quick and easy storage solution, which is designed to cater for most light-duty applications. 

What you need

All you need for boltless shelving is:
  1. Beams (short and long)
  2. Decks
  3. Rubber mallet
Beams and decks will usually be bought together as a packaged product, but let’s learn a bit more about these terms as we look at assembling the shelves. And no, you don’t need any nuts or bolts.

Installing DIY shelves

Assembling boltless shelves couldn’t be easier. Watch this video to see how it can be done in under seven minutes:

Yet another simple process:

  1. Get your upright beams and balance them up against a wall
  2. Collect your short beams
  3. Get your rubber mallet ready
  4. Space the beams to your desired levels
  5. Clip and gently tap into place
  6. Collect long beams and align with short beams
  7. Clip and tap into place to make up the four-sided shelf
  8. Slide the decks into place

Look at how this cluttered storage area is transformed when DIY shelves are put up:

Are you feeling inspired to make a fresh start in your garage and home? Life is so much better when there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Shop our DIY storage solution online now or feel free to contact us for custom-made options.

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