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How to prolong summer with a patio awning

There is one place you’ll find most South Africans when it’s summer – outside! But as the sun starts going down earlier and the evenings get a little nippy, we tend to move indoors and prematurely declare, “Autumn is here!” But we believe that simply installing a patio awning will help you prolong summer, as it enables you to enjoy that outside feeling all year round. There are essentially two options when it comes to good quality patio awnings, which we’ll look at here.

Two types of patio awnings that prolong summer

1. Fixed awnings

Fixed awnings are elegant and perfect for patios because they offer constant cover from the elements. Why sit inside when you can be outside enjoying fresh air and beautiful bird songs – no matter what month of the year it is? In fact, it’s so easy to enjoy your patio all year round. Not even the rain can dampen that summer feeling as a well-made fixed patio awning has a built-in gutter system to direct any water flow off the patio. During colder months, the cover helps to keep the patio space warm and cosy by keeping warm air trapped in the area – especially if you also invest in facades, outdoor blinds or screens for the sides of your patio.

2. Adjustable awnings

If you don’t like the idea of complete cover over your patio then you will love adjustable awnings. These awnings have louvres that you can open and close to let the sunshine and fresh air in during colder months and keep the scorching sun and rain out in summer. The best part is that you are in control of how much UV light and ventilation you let in. 

Awnings are ideal for not only patios, but also walkways, courtyards, balconies, restaurants and other areas requiring cover. Get in touch with the All Seasons team today to get a quote on a patio awning or sun control solution that works for you. It’s time to make the most of the space that you have and prolong summer in your home or workspace. After all, summer makes us all smile. 

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