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How to (up)style industrial shelves in your home

If you’ve been out and about (or even if you’ve just stayed at home scrolling Pinterest), you’ve probably noticed a trend towards industrial interior design with its perfect blend of rough, unfinished industrial interiors with clean, polished and luxurious elements. It may seem like an impossible mix (it is admittedly challenging to achieve a pleasing balance), but there are some simple and cost-effective ways to introduce this modern design trend into your home or office space. One such way is to invest in industrial shelves, which you can then so easily (up)style to suit any room. 

8 ways to (up)style industrial shelves in your home

Industrial interior design was born when many old warehouses were turned into urban loft apartments. You can imagine a lot of exposed brick, large windows, wooden pallets, cement flooring and metal structures. Metal industrial shelves are, therefore, a hit – not only because they fit the trend, but they are strong, DIY-friendly and customisable. Speaking of customisable, here are a few things you can do to (up)style industrial shelves.

1. Shake some spray paint

While black is often used in industrial interior design, you can spray paint your industrial shelves ANY colour you want. In this way, you can easily get your shelves to match the colours of the room they’ll be in.

2. Hit the deck

Most metal shelving comes with levels that hold a wooden MDF deck, but you can change this to steel decking, glass or reclaimed wood.  

3. Back it up

Another way to completely change how your industrial shelves look in a room is to add a backing or backdrop to the shelves. If you want it to have more of an industrial look, for example, you can add additional metal bars at the back to create an X. Alternatively, you could add a backing or backdrop that you could paint or wallpaper. 

4. Shed some light

On a lighter note, you could always wrap some fairy lights or industrial bulbs around your shelving.

5. Add a touch of green

Jump on the houseplant bandwagon and pop a few trendy pots (with a delicious green monster or two) on your shelves.

6. Get wired

Put some rustic wire baskets or wooden crates onto the shelves to meet small-item storage needs – and add to the industrial feel.

7. Read more

Putting a few beautiful books onto your shelves will add character to everything in the room.

8. Go adventuring

There’s nothing more intriguing than a few displayed travel memories, souvenirs, artefacts and interesting items on your shelves.

Does this inspire you to add a bit of upmarket style to your home or office space? If you’re ready to give industrial design a go in your home, why not start with our garage and home industrial shelving? Shop online now or contact us for a custom quote.

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