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The advantages of adjustable pallet racking

Adjustable pallet racking (also known as standard duty racking and selective storage) is one of the most common racking solutions utilised in warehouses across South Africa. A well-organised and efficiently-run warehouse is pivotal to the success of dynamic businesses with products that move and change quickly. Adjustable racking makes it easier to respond to these movements and changes. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of this warehouse storage option. 

5 advantages of adjustable pallet racking

1. Reliable

Effective warehouse operations determine the health and wealth of a business, so it needs to be able to rely on a warehouse racking system that consistently works well.

2. Durable

Adjustable pallet racking is a sturdy, heavy-duty storage option that won’t bend or break over time or with increased pressure. The toughness of metal manufactured racking, combined with the strength of pallets, makes it an ideal storage option for warehouses. 

3. Flexible

Adjustable pallet racking is a dynamic warehouse organisation system that allows for customisable setups. The modular design aspect of it makes it simple to create and change your warehouse layout. It’s easy to adjust the dimensions of each racking unit to meet current business requirements. You can also use this type of racking in a number of different places, including warehouses, retail spaces, cold rooms and storerooms.

4. Accessible

Typically, adjustable pallet racking is open, which makes it easily accessible from any angle. There are also many different ways and means of accessing stock. The racks, pallets and equipment needed to operate this warehouse racking system are all readily available. This accessibility makes keeping track of stock items straightforward.

5. Scalable

It’s important to think and plan for what’s to come. As your business grows, you will be happy that you invested in an inventory storage solution with the capability of adjusting to not only meet current demand, but also potential future demand. Having systems in place that accommodate for expansion allows your business to quickly adapt to changes in supply and demand. 

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