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What is a warehouse racking system?

If you’re new to the world of warehousing, perhaps it’s the first time you’re hearing about the importance of having a warehouse racking system. Without an excellent warehouse racking system, operations can be stifled. Having a warehouse is one thing, but installing a storage system that works in your warehouse is pivotal to success. Let’s take a closer look at what a racking system is and why you need to invest in one that is designed to work for your unique requirements. 

What is a warehouse racking system?

Just like your home is not simply made up of four walls, a warehouse is not just a big space. The interior design of a home is actually what makes a home, home. It’s what determines how a home is organised, where things belong and how everyone functions. Similarly, the interior design of a warehouse determines how a warehouse is organised, where items are stored and how people and processes function.

A warehouse racking system is one of the main ways warehouses are designed and organised to operate effectively. A well-designed racking system will optimise space and streamline processes. There are many different types of racking systems, and different names for each type, but essentially they all serve the same purpose – to store and organise stock items for improved inventory control. Warehouse, storage or pallet racking is a material handling system for the mass storage of goods that are usually unitised on pallets or skids.

Who needs a warehouse racking system?

If you’re involved in logistics, ecommerce and retail, or if you work at some kind of warehouse or depot, then you will understand the necessity for a well-designed warehouse racking system that works for you and the specific stock items you deal with on a daily basis.

What racking system solutions are available?

As already mentioned, there are many different types of racking systems. Here are some of the common solutions used in South Africa:

  • Heavy-duty racking
  • Light industrial racking
  • Adjustable pallet racking (aka standard duty racking and selective storage)
  • Mini racking (aka long-span shelving)
  • Cantilever racking
  • Live storage (FILO and FIFO)
  • Drive-in racking
  • Narrow aisle racking
  • Industrial workbenches
  • Rack-supported mezzanine floors

A quality, custom-designed racking system provided by a respected metal manufacturer is what you need to look for. You need warehouse storage solutions that aren’t one-size-fit-all. Get in touch with the King Brands Dura Racking team today to set up a warehouse site visit. 

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