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Things to consider when hanging wall hooks

Hanging wall hooks may sound like a simple task. And it is. But there are a few things that really must be evaluated before you get started – whether you’re going to go the DIY route or hire a handyman to do the drilling work for you. You may think you’ve thought things through, but have you considered all of these tips?

5 things to consider when hanging wall hooks

1. Wall hooks can be used anywhere

Have you thought about the fact that hooks can be hung just about anywhere? There are hooks for the garage and home. If you’re a business owner, storage hook systems are indispensable for warehouses, retail spaces and offices. 

2. There are different types of hooks

The options are countless when it comes to hooks, so it’s important to consider what items you want to hang on the hooks. Then you’ll need to think about things like weight capacity, design, aesthetic and wall type compatibility.

Here are some examples of hooks that are commonly used in home and business environments:

3. What wall are you hanging the hooks on?

Some hooks work better on dry, plastered or wooden walling, whilst others are better for brick or concrete walls. It’s also a good idea to check the condition of the wall that you want to hang hooks on – will it crumble when you start drilling?

4. You can hang anything up (just about)

Hooks can store bicycles, towels, bags, hats, jewellery and more at home. At work, they can hang tools, equipment, work uniforms and more. 

Hooking things up certainly helps get things off the floor, but if something is too heavy for the hook that it’s stored on then it will most likely be found on the floor again. So before you hang anything up, weigh the item/s you want to hang and make sure that the hook you’re using can support that weight. 

5. Learn, plan and execute

Stop! Don’t just start drilling holes in walls. Before hanging hooks, learn how to hang the specific hooks you have. There are often DIY guides or videos to help you. Then plan how exactly you’re going to hang the hooks – this includes measuring (twice) and (clearly) marking where you are going to drill.

Get in touch with us if you need some more advice on hanging hooks. If you’re feeling more confident about hanging hooks, why not go shopping now for the hooks you need?

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