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Warehouse mezzanine floor safety tips to follow

A mezzanine floor is one of the best ways to optimise your warehouse space. However, they can become a hazard, especially when non-reputable manufacturers erect them or warehouse staff and visitors do not follow safety precautions. Here is a list of mezzanine floor safety tips to follow if you plan to erect a mezzanine floor in your warehouse.

7 warehouse mezzanine floor safety tips to follow

Mezzanine floors are an excellent solution for warehouses constantly or temporarily experiencing a lack of storage space. Indeed, the benefits of warehouse mezzanine floors include increased storage space, cost-effectiveness, and not having to move to bigger premises. They can also improve warehouse safety, but this is only if the following mezzanine floor safety tips are followed:

1. Maintain safe accessibility

The stairs or ladder to your mezzanine floor should always be easily and quickly accessible, as well as clear of any obstructions to someone travelling on the stairs/ladder. The last thing you want is for a warehouse staff member to trip or slip on anything as they attempt to carry stock items up or down.

2. Install guard rails

Warehouse injuries are often caused by falls. To prevent falls from a mezzanine floor, it is imperative to install guard rails on any exposed sides. Guard rails will not only help protect staff from falling, but they can also help to prevent stock items or equipment from falling from the mezzanine floor and causing damage or injury.

3. Don’t overload it

Every mezzanine floor has a weight limit, which must be adhered to and clearly visible.

4. Follow the rules

There are usually a number of building codes and safety regulations that must be considered during the installation phase of a mezzanine floor.

5. Train warehouse staff members

It is fundamental that anyone who works inside the warehouse receives proper safety training and wears appropriate safety protection equipment like hard hats. Anyone who has not received training should not be allowed into the main warehouse operation area.

6. Safety signage

Safety signage should be clearly visible throughout the warehouse to remind everyone about the do’s and don’ts of working in a warehouse.

7. Keep things organised and clean

Warehouses must be kept organised. Clutter and chaos are a recipe for disaster, as is a spill that is not mopped up immediately.

There are many uses of mezzanine flooring in commerce. Installing one in your warehouse will benefit your business, so long as these safety standards are followed. If you’re looking for a reputable manufacturer to install a safe mezzanine floor in your warehouse, contact us to set up a site visit.

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