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What is the best industrial racking solution for you?

So you’ve determined that it’s high time you rack up some warehouse space, but you’re not sure what the best industrial racking solution is for you. It’s an essential decision because if your racking fails then your business could come crashing down… literally. There are a lot of racking options available, so how do you choose? Racking should be right for the unique space that you have. Let’s consider some questions to help you arrive at the best solution.

4 questions to ask when choosing industrial racking

1. How much storage space do you have?

It might even require that you find the building plans and pull out the measuring tape, but it’s important to work out just how much space you have. Don’t forget to consider the full height of your warehouse space too, as racking systems and mezzanine floors can optimise your existing floor space by utilising the working height of your building. It’s also key to note the size of your doors, as well as the spacing between building support columns.

2. What type of storage space do you have?

Is the storage area that you have a massive warehouse? Or is it perhaps a smaller retail space? Is it a cold room requiring that you store items at a specific temperature? The type of environment that you want to create in your warehouse will certainly affect the type of racking that works for you.

3. What type of SKUs do you have?

Taking stock of the specific SKUs that you need to store is fundamental when selecting a pallet racking system. Do you have a lot of different SKUs with different sizes and weights, or do you have only a few SKUs that are all the same weight and size? Adjustable pallet racking is one of the most common racking solutions in South Africa, but it still depends on your unique SKUs.

4. What type of pallets do you have?

You will most likely be storing and transporting some (if not all) of your SKUs on pallets. If so, you’ll need to remember that the type of pallets you have will directly affect the racking you choose. If you’re going with a standard pallet size then it should make things straightforward, but different pallet sizes may mean an investment in customised racking.

Once you’ve answered these four questions, you’ll be in a much better position to make an informed decision. Your racking system should ideally help you increase productivity, improve efficiency and fully optimise the storage space that you have. Get in touch with our team to arrange a site visit, request a quote or get more information about the racking solutions we have available. We’d love to help you discover an industrial racking solution for your warehouse.

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